The Iron Triangle by Vince Ellison

The Iron Triangle by Vince Ellison

At the start of the show, Jason Hartman talks about commercial real estate and what’s going on nowadays. He also gives insight on diversity and discusses what the perfect diversity strategy is. Later in the show, he hosts Vince Ellison, who wrote one of the most important books since 1619: The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democrat Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them. They talk about communism and Marxism in the black church and how the democratic party has made black Americans dependent on government and discouraged them from being dependent on God.

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Welcome to Episode 15 81,580. Getting close, close, close step Episode 1600. What do you know, and I want to thank all of you for subscribing to our YouTube channel for all of your brilliant, insightful, interesting community building comments on our YouTube videos. And for liking them as well and sharing them with everybody you know, because our humble little YouTube channel, as you know, I may or you may know, you may not know this, but maybe you do. We haven’t really focused much on YouTube, we’ve really focused on podcasting over the last 16 years or so. But we are over 10,000 YouTube subscribers. Now we’re at I think 10,200. And something that’s great. It’s a it’s it’s humble little number, but it’s a it’s a good beginning. So thanks to all of you who are checking out our YouTube channel, there’s really some great content on there, we really didn’t focus on it for a change. So that’s good. Now today, well, this is a 10th episode show. So you know what that means. We’re going to talk about something of general interest. And I want to just tell you, that we have an election, just a little over a week away. And you know what, I can’t wait to get it over with because I am really, you know, this might this kind of surprises some people when I tell them, I’m just really not terribly interested in politics. Now what do I mean by that? I’m interested in if you’ve been following my work for a while, you know that I generally lean toward the macro, not the micro. I’m not very interested in the soap opera that is politics, about this person and that person. I am interested in political philosophy and ideology, though, I think that’s really where you need to kind of look is the general, big picture philosophy of one party or another. And sadly, in America, we have this total scam known as the two party system. It is a complete epic scam. And we never get any great choices. Right? We it’s always sort of the lesser of the two evils. In fact, I think most Americans wonder what it would be like to have a real choice. I mean, why don’t we have runoff elections? Well, because the whole thing’s rigged. It’s a big scam. That’s why but a runoff election would be more like this. You’d have you know, 30 candidates, and then you’d you’d run them off. I guess that’s kind of what you can say they do with debates, but not really, nobody actually votes, right. And so then then we whittle it down to fewer and few candidates, and then we pick better, better choices, right, better choices. But sadly, that’s not the way it is. And you know what, you know it, it makes a difference, certainly who’s president, but it also makes a lot of difference. Who is who are all the senators, and who are all the Congress, people who fills the house in the Senate, and who is the governor and the mayor of various states and cities. So that stuff matters to pay attention to it. And these propositions matter. I mean, in the Socialist Republic of California, wow. That ballot this time, it could really slam some things. Oh, and by the way, we are doing a special special special, Election Night Live cast a live stream on election night. Now, those of you who know probably know that I believe in the Early to bed early to rise thing, but just for you, because I love you. I’m going to stay up late on election night. You know, Have a little cot in my office, my office downstairs, I set it up when my dog was sick a few weeks ago, she seems to be better now, you know, I don’t know, underlying conditions, I’m just saying she’s better symptomatically At least, I had to let her out to go to the bathroom all the time. So I left the cot down here. And I may actually, you know, do the live stream. And then I don’t know, leave it on, turn it off. I’m not really even sure. And go take a nap. And then come back on. This will be the longest live stream we’ve ever done. You know, yesterday on the live stream, we went for almost two hours. And we do that on our Sunday coffee talks a lot. Coffee talk on Sunday at 8am. Pacific 11am. Eastern every Sunday on Facebook and YouTube. But we’re doing a special election night coverage. And I really want to stay up until we really know how the election turns out. Especially who is president? Is it going to be Donald J. Trump or Kamala Harris? Because I don’t think Joe Biden is actually running for president is he? I mean, the guy is so flippin confused. It’s shocking. If we ever had a president, as mentally out of it as Joe Biden, I mean, seriously, can you imagine if he actually had the launch codes? Well, first of all, he couldn’t remember them. I’m sure. You know, he can’t remember he’s running against. Seriously, he thought he was running against George Bush, here’s the tape. What kind of country we’re going to be four more years of Georgia, Georgia, he is going to find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be we’re going to be in a different world. Now his running mate, Camilla Harris, she doesn’t even know what city she said, here’s the clip of that. But so I must warn you that are our 10th show guest today, we’ll be talking about some very interesting stuff. And then, you know, in a week or so we’ll kind of be past this political stuff. And we won’t be talking about it so much. But he’s going to talk about how one particular political party has a long, unholy criminal enterprise, why one particular party is oppressing one particular race of people, and why this particular party is sowing racial discord, fear, and hatred, and how it is necessary for that party to maintain their presence in American political life. And, you know, if you are listening from one of the other hundred 98 countries around the world, and you’re not based in the US, you know, it’s kind of crazy over here in the US to to our foreign listeners, but we’ve got listeners in 189 countries worldwide. And of course, the US being the largest economy and such an influential player on the global stage. All of this stuff matters to you. Right. But it also matters, because a lot of these same dirty sleazy tactics that go on in the US are going on in your country as well. If they’re worse, or if they’re, you know, not as bad there. They may be someday so you know, it’s it’s important that you know about this stuff, it really is. So our 10th episode, guests will be here in a moment. But on the real estate front, commercial real estate, it’s it pretty interesting, you know, what is going on with commercial real estate nowadays? Pretty scary, really. I mean, there is some that side of the industry, the commercial real estate side, and as you know, you know, what do people mean when they say commercial real estate, do they mean multifamily? You know, big apartment complexes? Do they mean industrial properties? Do they mean retail properties? Do they mean office properties? Or do they mean special use properties or something entirely different? There are many categories of commercial real estate. But one thing we know for sure, we know that the hospitality industry and meaning hotel properties are suffering greatly. Tourism is suffering greatly. Office properties suffering greatly and retail properties suffering vary greatly. And some of this was already underway, of course, especially the retail Apocalypse, but COVID has only accelerated the demise of this but what’s interesting in the office sector, and I’m looking at our article here from globe street entitled is care commercial real estate, ready for the great American moved to the city. The pandemic will likely catalyze growth in lower density suburban markets and in affordable markets. Well, dear listeners, guess what? Guess what, dear listeners, you are already invested there. If you’ve been buying through Jason slash properties, or you are thinking of investing there if you are listening to this show, so congratulations to you. Good for you, good for you, because you are already positioned. Now, in hearing all of this great news, you may want to double down on your position or triple down on your position. Because literally, everything seems to be in your favor. Everything seems to be in your favor. So I thought I would sell some of my properties, do some 1031 exchanges, try to consolidate my markets, as you know, one of my big mistakes as an investor was being overly diversified. You know, when I first started doing this many years ago, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. And then I later decided that my advice to you, because of the mistake I made would be to invest in at least three markets, but not more than five markets. And I had invested in get this 17 markets way too many too confusing, too hard to keep track of not a good decision, too many different parties to deal with. And you know, I’ve still got a lot of these old properties that I haven’t unwound yet, in my portfolio, and I’m trying to consolidate markets. Hopefully one day I’ll get it down to where I’m only in five markets. And I want to go deep, instead of wide, wide, meaning more markets, deep meaning more properties and fewer markets. But remember, most people, most investors make the mistake of being not diversified enough geographically, they’re in just one market, that’s a mistake. And a lot of times they’re in a market, that’s not a good market. They’re in a cyclical market, or even a hybrid market, not so good. You want to be in linear markets, in at least three of them, not more than five of them. But back to the commercial real estate in the move toward suburban fordable markets. And the article says suburban locations are already well positioned to replace urban markets, with many already offering urban style amenities, like culture, as well as serving as centers for finance and government. Now government block blue government, but you know, what they mean by that is that government is a pretty stable employer, obviously. But a lot of these suburban markets now and I’ve certainly noticed this in Florida. I’ve you know, lived in Florida for what, two and a half years now. Very happy with my move here. And by the way, the weather of weather. It’s so beautiful here, it’s gorgeous. It’s absolutely stunning. You go outside and you think, gosh, couldn’t be any nicer. I don’t think that’s possible. Not possible. The weather is so spectacular here. Yes, I know. It’s hot and muggy for about five months of the year. But now we’re moving into those seven months where everybody gets to be jealous of Florida, one of the biggest tourism spots on planet Earth is Florida right here, folks. And we’ve got properties in Florida for you, in some great markets. Go to Jason slash properties and find out more reach out to your investment counselor through Jason Or if you’re in the United States by calling one 800 Hartman, shameless self promoter. But here’s the thing. You know, a lot of people they like these urban areas, because they’re more walkable. And, you know, you can go to the coffee shop and the cafe and all of this stuff nowadays, all you’re really going to is a closed coffee shop, where everybody’s wearing a mask, and maybe a closed cafe where they’re running at 25% capacity can barely stay in business. And there are riots in the streets, because a bunch of losers with no job are angry, why they might be really angry next week when Donald Trump gets reelected. But that may or may not happen. So who knows? Who knows. But, you know if he gets elected, or if he doesn’t get elected, if Kamala Harris gets elected, there won’t be any riots in the streets, because republicans don’t write it. Okay? They run businesses and stuff like that, you know, they actually do these more value oriented things for society. They’re the creators more than the destroyers. There are people that add value and people who subtract value that’s the way the world works. Right. But this is really interesting because in the commercial real estate market, you’ve got all of these companies that are now looking at that this new hub and spoke plan that I’ve mentioned before, they’re thinking of it like an airline would hub and spoke, you know, they might still have a small trophy office in that trophy location on Madison Avenue or whatever, in New York, but it’s going to be dramatically smaller. And then they will have several small suburban offices, much cheaper to maintain, much less expensive that they’re newly what I would say, new suburban resident workforce can can use, right, and they can use them like office hotels, and like co working spaces. So this is an interesting shift. And, folks, congratulations to you. Because you’re already positioned for this lesson. This large suburban markets have accounted for 22% to 25% in US population, with small increases in suburban population over the last two decades, baby boomers, Gen X and millennials have all driven the growth of urban markets, and set off widespread market trends, like preference for experience, smaller environmental footprint and better public transportation options. That’s what’s been happening since the 90s. Right? But now, all of that is shifting, it’s like the tide went one way. And now the tide is going the other way. And, and these suburban markets now offer a lot of things that only the urban markets offered before. So congratulations, folks, you are positioned very well for this. And if you’re not, meaning you haven’t purchased properties through our platform, then go to the website, check them out, contact one of our team members, and they’ll be glad to help you with that. Also, another thing on the real estate before we get into our guest, the number and this is an article from housing wire. It says the number of seriously delinquent mortgages falls for the first time since the pandemic hit. And some early stage delinquent delinquencies are showing signs of improvement. So this, they’re citing some statistics from the Big Data company blacknight that has all sorts of data and analytics. And they’re talking about how the forbearance numbers are down. delinquencies outside of forbearance programs are down. And things are looking pretty good. And low rates have allowed people to refinance. They’ve allowed people to sell their properties if they think they can’t afford them anymore. You’ve read out there in the media, they call them the crash boys. But they’re just talking about how wrong these people were. Because none of this happened. 2020 has been a phenomenal boom time for real estate. And you know what I’m going out on a limb, I say it’s gonna continue unless interest rates go up dramatically, causing housing affordability to go way down, or there’s some other like Black Swan event. I can’t see how with such a housing shortage, this won’t continue for quite a while into the foreseeable future. So we’ll see. We know either way, look at if the market goes the other direction, and prices decline, then that’s going to put upward pressure on rents. The point is we have a housing shortage no matter what, whether it’s buying houses or renting houses, there’s a shortage, period, End of discussion. And there’s tons of demand. And there’s all that shadow demand. Remember, I’ve talked to you about the roommate problem before and how the highest number, I think it was about 53% or so of Americans, his oldest 29 years old are living at home with their parents, folks, these people will eventually grow up and move out and stop sitting in the basement. Playing video games and watching Well, you know what? PRN? Okay? Sadly, the crazy world we live in, right? And so you know, they’re gonna grow up, they’re gonna get out of the house, and they’re gonna make life for themselves. It’ll just happen. It has to happen. It always does. And that’s 52% or 53%. That’s a giant number. That’s millions and millions of people more housing demand, when there’s already a massive shortage. So there you go for whatever it’s worth. There it is, okay, I’m gonna play a little campaign ad for you. This is not someone I’m voting for, that I can’t even vote for. But I just think that she makes a lot of sense. And I’m going to play this campaign ad, and then we’re going to roll right To our 10th episode guest today and talk about the Iron Triangle.

‘Excerpt from a Campaign Ad’ 20:07
You care about black lives. The people that run Baltimore don’t, I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see.

‘Excerpt from a Campaign Ad’ 20:23
I’m Kim classic. This is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is the reality for black people every single day, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. Baltimore has been run by the democrat party for 53 years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America. The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the US average. The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%. Homicide drug and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city. Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people who make up 60% of the population. So why don’t we care about our communities? The Democratic Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore, if the politicians walk the streets like I do, they will see exactly how their policies and corruption affects that. If they don’t want to see it, they don’t want you to see this. Go to any Baltimore neighborhood and asked this question. Do you want to defend the police?

‘Excerpt from a Campaign Ad’ 21:34
No, no, absolutely not. I had three sons killed in Baltimore City. And I think if we’d be funded to fully solve this will be worse than that. So no, I’m opposed to that. What are you gonna do fund the police? Why? How do you defend your city, your community, families are losing.

‘Excerpt from a Campaign Ad’ 21:54
It’s not just Baltimore, the worst place for a black person to live in America is a democrat controlled city. It’s 2020, Nayla blue city where black people’s lives have gotten better try. I’ll wait. Look at this. How are children supposed to live here and play here? democrats think black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever, that we won’t demand better, and that will keep voting for them forever. Despite what they’ve done to our families and our community. Are they right? I’m complacent. And I’m running for congress because I actually care about black lives. All Black Lives Matter. Our communities matter. Baltimore matters. And black people don’t have to vote Democrat.

Jason Hartman 22:51
It’s my pleasure to welcome Vince Everett Ellison to the show. He is the author of the Iron Triangle, how democrats are using race to divide Americans in their quest for power, and how we can stop them. Vince, welcome. How are you?

Vince Ellison 23:05
I’m doing great. Thanks for having me. It’s good to have you on where are you located? I’m located right outside of Lynchburg, Virginia in a small town called Amherst between Lynchburg and Charlottesville. Excellent.

Jason Hartman 23:15
Well, you know, your book is being called one of the most important books in America since 1619. And I don’t know what book was written 1619 maybe you can help. Assist 1619 was the day that the first ladies came to America do the New York Times is having this thing called the 1619 project. But it’s trying to destroy the whole concept of what America was. So we decided to say the book is going to set a lot of things straight. Got it. Got it. Well, that’s great. It’s It’s good that you know, we’re hearing another side of this because all you hear in the mainstream media is this political correctness. And it’s like the same exact narrative everywhere. Tell us why this narrative why you believe this narrative is faulty.

Vince Ellison 24:00
Well, I was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County, Tennessee. My father was a sharecropper, my father, my mother, when I was born with sharecroppers, my father worked hard and through the insurance industry, got us out of poverty, went to the church, baptized Baptist grew up kind of good American middle class life. And I went to college and I started working in the prison system. When I started working there in the 90s. I saw a lot of black men being locked up a lot of men period. And when I asked the black intelligentsia what was going on, because I thought we’d over call, they said it was these rich white republicans that were doing it. And they were just mean vicious and evil and locking up these black men. So I decided to start a nonprofit organization to stop locking black man up and try to keep them out of jail. And when I get down there in the black community, I found out something very interesting. I didn’t see any rich white republicans anywhere by the fact that’s all I found out. I could see a leprechaun before I saw rich white republican down to the black community. But what I did see was a lot with a lot of black preachers, black politicians and black civic organizers. I call these cats the Iron Triangle. And their job was to do one thing, they would pay contractors and they were paid by these liberals from New York City and in California to one to one end, their job was to make sure the black community voted 90% for the Democrat Party period, didn’t matter what was going on how they did it, they need at night until the black book stay in power. They got that black vote during the Civil Rights Movement. And they allegedly killed black people before they let it go. Because all their power, all of it rests upon keeping the black people completely exactly where they are just like it was all their power rested in that during slavery. It rests in this right now. So all of this that you see right now in America, same thing is to keep us afraid. Keep us believing that we are under the eight ball here in America that we cannot do do it on our own. The white democrats leave us that the rich white republicans will kill us. And all of this disarray to keep us afraid and keep us on the plantation. That’s what you’re seeing every day.

Jason Hartman 25:58
That’s, you know, it seems pretty logical that, you know, if you want to control a segment of the population, you make them dependent. Look at children are dependent on their parents, because they need their parents to take care of them. So their parents are in control. This seems like it’s exactly what’s going on in several minority communities, not just the black community, where you’ve got these political groups that keep telling people that they’re less they’re not enough. They can’t do it without us. This narrative is so offensive, isn’t it?

Vince Ellison 26:32
Well, it is offensive. But the black experience here in America is much different than the white experience. Remember, most of the white people that came here came here on their own, they were fed up with Europe, and they decided to leave and these guys had Moxie. I mean, they took their last dime, and they jumped on the ship and they paid their fair, they came to America with nothing but there but the rags on their back and they were looking for freedom. Black people came out differently. They were sold, they came into America and sold again. They were made they everything was stripped from them. And they were told a different thing about America, they will tell you inferior. You’re nothing, you’re less than everybody. And that’s been beaten down into the heads of black people to a point where now white people don’t have to say it. We tell our children that. And it was never ever. And I guess one of the failings of America is that they after son slavery. They never got that out of the black community. Matter of fact, white Southerners still benefited from it after the Civil War. So we still have that same slave mentality. And it’s hard to get it out because it’s generational. Now, matter of fact, when you read history, is this thing on routes the same on routes, and I’ll never forget when I was a little boy, I saw routes. I’ve

Jason Hartman 27:39
seen routes a few times when I was a little kid. Yeah.

Vince Ellison 27:41
Yeah. Was you remember this scene it was this black slave mother, escorting her daughter to the cabin of the overseer to be raped. The mother was was was taking her there, Frederick Douglass road and my boundaries. My freedom is first memory was his grandmother taking them on a 12 mile hike and turning him over to a another plantation slipping out the back door. And he never saw her again. She turned him over to be a slave. When you started looking at us, you see the we pay a debt, we are involved a lot of our own destruction. Black people are telling their children that there is a such thing as white supremacy, and that white people have some type of privilege over them. Black people are telling them that you better not vote for a republican it is us that’s doing the damage. And that’s where this book comes in. We have to change that.

Jason Hartman 28:25
Right. Right. So does the welfare state make that worse? And I would especially point out aid to families with dependent children. Some will say that that has really just destroyed black families, because you’re basically paying people to not have a family unit. And

Vince Ellison 28:44
yeah, well, yeah, that started the civil rights movement. I have in my book, a chapter that shows that between 1940 and 1962, black people, black Americans were were excelling at a faster rate than any other people in the United States. And then in the 60s, when the mourning and report came out, telling America that black people were saw a trend that we were getting on welfare. And so they told the civil rights movement that this is what we’re going to do, we’re going to put the black man back in charge his family, and I have a document where they when they took this to the civil rights community, with Monica King Julian, all of a sudden they went crazy. They said no. So it was a man out clause into the welfare bill. And the man out clause dictated that the man had to be out of the house before the woman could receive any welfare. So we went from 80% of our children being born into pet families 80% being born out of wedlock in one generation. And it was all because of government. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 29:34
So the man out clause, meaning the man couldn’t be in the household. If the mother wanted to receive the government aid aid to families with dependent children, right,

Vince Ellison 29:45
exactly. Look, black people always poor, but we weren’t criminals. They were pulled away. But we got married. poverty has nothing to do with this whatsoever. This is a plan by the Democratic Party. You’re looking at a cultural genocide in real time. We’re talking about what they’re doing in China to the US. No, they’re doing this in America right now to the black community. When you look at TV, you see people burning down their own communities. You look at dystopia, but there’s also double mindedness. And it’s learned helplessness at the same time, right? Look, I’m a Christian. And as a Christian, I cannot be a victim. It’s impossible. I’m an Arab Jesus Christ. I’m more than a conqueror yet, and I’m supposed to practice forgiveness, forbearance and love, period. Right? That’s what I’m supposed to do. Yeah, you have a bunch of Christians out there. 85% of the black community say that Christian. And they’re running around saying no justice, no peace. Yeah, burning down buildings, send it the other victims, saying that we got to stop white supremacy. And this is victimization. You cannot be a Christian and be a victim. This is how the Iron Triangle the black preacher, then Black civic organizer, and all these guys have lied to the black community. You’ll see black preachers out there like Sharpton and Jackson saying the same exact thing. Tell me black Christians that their victim? Yeah, that is an apostate. And there’s a lot

Jason Hartman 30:59
I don’t think Martin Luther King would be at all pleased with with the way this has evolved. Would he?

Vince Ellison 31:05
I don’t know. Cuz that’s King kind of started it. He went to Washington, DC. And he said, and I was wondering what these young men were all kneeling to three years ago. So I heard went to the Lorraine Motel. And they have a museum there. And they were looping Dr. King’s speech. And I heard him say something that I heard 1000 times and I Have a Dream speech but not heard in this context. He said 100 years after Emancipation Proclamation, the Negro is still not free. That is a lie. I was born free. And I started hearing kapernick. And all these guys said, I want my freedom. Well see, you exercise your freedom. You don’t ask for it. It’s yours. Right. And these young men have been told over the last 50 years by leaders in power that they’re not free. And that is the absolute baldface law. And King said and I Have a Dream speech. He also said that we come to Washington to get on a liberal right? No, you’re a liberal rights has given you by God. The irrevocable non transferable unsellable. Yeah. So they started it. And they told black people, I suppose go to government for everything they wanted. And that got us down this path. And we turned around from it. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 32:09
So the seeds of that were set by King who, yes, obviously a great man. But you know, there he, he couldn’t have seen the way this would have turned out.

Vince Ellison 32:19
So look, I’ll tell you what, not a tree is known by the fruit it bears. Right. Sure. All right. So when you look at the fruit of the civil rights movement, you tell me one thing we’ve gained, yeah, okay. Nothing. Not one single solitary thing, not a fact. We’ve gone backwards. Named something we’ve gained through the civil rights movement.

Jason Hartman 32:36
Interesting, interesting. Nothing he would seem from an outsider, like a lot has been gained by the African American community, but not

Vince Ellison 32:44
what I want to hear it.

Jason Hartman 32:45
Well, the right to sit where you want no more,

Vince Ellison 32:49
man. Is that a racist?

Vince Ellison 32:52
racist, Ku Klux Klan member? How’s that again?

Jason Hartman 32:55
Yeah, well, fair enough. Fair point. What are the three sides of the Iron Triangle? You’ve got the preacher, black preacher,

Vince Ellison 33:01
the black politician and the black civic organizer? Okay. And what? Yeah, Black Lives Matter. NAACP. Okay, SCLC, nkoranza. out there, a cornea, all of those. They’re out there organized the black people for the Democratic Party for the democratic vote, period. These people fight for one party rule. Now, how are you a leader, when you know that any leader should give people an option? They fight for one party rule in the black community? Yeah, that’s totalitarianism. Man. That’s not freedom. You can have freedom of one party rule. You’ve got a chapter about

Jason Hartman 33:33
communism and Marxism infiltrating the black church. Tell us about that.

Vince Ellison 33:39
Well, they started it in the 60s, it started came through during the during the Civil Rights Movement. As a matter of fact, I have in my book, their statement from the common turn in Moscow, where they gave their people and so rice movement, a basic order. And they said that, and Taylor branch wrote this in his, in his book, parting the waters. He said in 1956, the Communist Party and Moscow order that the agent of the civil rights movement, they want to establish a separate national development for the for American Negroes model on the Soviet Republics, they will give an order to do it in 1956 1956. They wanted to do it, and they did it. Because right now what do we have one party rule, dictator worship, poverty, drugs, family breakdown, we do not pray God anymore, we pray to the state. And, and and there is a Marxist tenet. And you know this, that under under the tenets of Marxism, the individual does not possess any inherent value. He can be discarded, he can be killed. That’s why they can kill these people. Now they’re like they do and treat them like they do and not worry about them because they have no value to them whatsoever. Right? Their job is to make sure that they pleased to stay curious. The state needs it. You die for him a story. That’s who they are. And they’ve been killing my people. For the last 60 years. The Democratic Party is a death cult. They are bought half the children of the ones that’s about abortion. They send them to schools that don’t work, and half of them don’t graduate. So then and the ones and then they take them and put them in jail, and then they do them like George Floyd, they end up killing them. George Lawrence murder was a visual representation of everything the Democratic Party has been doing to my people for the last

Jason Hartman 35:14
60 years. And the interesting thing about that, too, is the police brutality rates, the crime rates, they’re the highest in all of the democrat run cities. You know, what

Vince Ellison 35:24
do they do tell black men to do turn in your gun? Right? Why? You know why? They say, they sound being hunted? I’m being hunted by these people. And you said, Well, I’ll tell you what, turn your gun in. Well, just be excellent. This is a blow your own damn Ranger. That’s ridiculous. If you’re being hunted, don’t do this. You’re being hunted. You need a gun, man, cuz they’re gonna kill you know, they say you’re being hunted.

Jason Hartman 35:47
Well, they want to make everybody defenseless so that the government is the only ones with the guns, obviously. Yeah,

Vince Ellison 35:53
there it is. And the most important thing your listeners need to understand is that they’re gonna do this all over America. Joe Biden said, I’m proud of my record in the black community. He’s proud that they have bought half their children. He’s proud that most of the people live in poverty. He’s proud to know the school’s work. He’s proud that the family has been broken down. He’s proud of the crime and the drugs and the defunding of the police. He’s proud of it. Now, that means if he’s proud of it, he’s gonna try to duplicate it, right? Yep, there it is. So Y’all better watch out cuz I’m coming for y’all to get come to the white American next. They didn’t get they didn’t get me and my family. They didn’t get us. Because we believe in God, and we believe in America. And we’ve become we’ve become entrepreneurs, and we’ve become wealthy and we’ve become successful in this country. But what most people I know, they didn’t get out of it. And they believe this lie. And the hardest thing for you to do is make them believe that they can make it in America, because they’ve been told even by Martha King Jr. How can you pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you don’t have boots? Yeah, he said that. He said that. And then when he says it, America says he’s a great leader. Now, how can you be a great leader when you tell your people stuff like that? Yeah, right. Well, you don’t even have bootstraps. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 37:01
that’s a good, that’s a good way to look at it. I’m gonna re examine King and some of his thoughts and speeches

Vince Ellison 37:06
Well done, what you also need to do is go down to his monument in Washington, DC, and you’ll find out that they don’t have a mention of God anywhere, anywhere on that monument. And you know why? Because they cost they knew this wasn’t a Christian movement. And I’m trying to angle out it. Now, you know, when they make when they got that, quote, wrong about a drum major for justice. Well, they spent almost a million dollars changing that one quote, but when it came down the fact that God wasn’t mentioned anywhere on that monument, the preachers, Barack Obama SCLC, they said nothing, not one blessing word. They didn’t say he was a Reverend. They didn’t say that. He formed an organization called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and got all the quotes about God. Throughout his ministry, this is what

Jason Hartman 37:51
this is what every dictator everywhere on planet earth throughout history has always done. They’ve always eliminated any belief in a higher power, because the highest power has to be them. It has to be government. And you can’t believe in anything beyond government. Government is the highest power. That’s their. That’s their whole deal. So yeah, it’s unbelievable.

Vince Ellison 38:12
That’s the very reason why they get depressed. That’s why they have proud of schools. That’s the reason why they try to make it difficult for Americans to practice their religion anywhere. That’s who these people are. Yeah. And we wake up to it. And that’s why these young people, all of them out here, most of them white, black lives matter.

Jason Hartman 38:31
They’re just fakes. I mean, it’s it’s simple. That’s

Vince Ellison 38:35
all that’s all

Vince Ellison 38:38
about sacrifice, about religion, about God about standing firm about who you are, because they’ve been told that the white man can do anything he wants. If he only wants to see you’re not rich, because the white man doesn’t want you rich. If he wanted you to be rich, you’d be rich, that turn the white man into God. That’s unbelievable.

Jason Hartman 38:57
Yeah, it really is. It’s unbelievable. And it’s interesting. And you can go to a protest rally during COVID. But you can’t go to church, God for no, pardon the pun,

Vince Ellison 39:07
no, no, no. Can’t do that. They know what they’re doing. Yeah. They know that john Locke wrote a book, the second treatise of government, the reason why we could separate ourselves from the king was the king cannot trace his lineage back to Adam. And therefore the king got no power over. He said, therefore, we’re equal. Well, only and he told the people because of that, you have a right to leave the king. He is not you, okay. And he said about rights come from God, every last one of them. So if you destroy God, where the rights come from, yeah, come from government comes from government, and so they have to destroy God in America before they can destroy the government.

Jason Hartman 39:44
So they are very good points fence. I’m glad you’re out there spreading the message. The book has excellent reviews. By the way, go ahead and get the book. It’s called the Iron Triangle how democrats are using race to divide Americans in their quest for power. How we can stop them. Vince, wrap it up for us. give out your website to

Vince Ellison 40:04
you go to Iron Triangle Iron Triangle I have blogs there. I have excerpts from the book. Also, if you can’t get the book at Amazon because they seem to be sold out a lot there, go to Barnes and Noble Walmart or You can get them there. You get it there.

Jason Hartman 40:19
Good stuff. Vince, thank you so much for joining us.

Vince Ellison 40:22
It is my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Jason Hartman 40:28
Thank you so much for listening. Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes. Be sure to check out the show’s specific website and our general website heart and Mediacom for appropriate disclaimers and Terms of Service. Remember that guest opinions are their own. And if you require specific legal or tax advice, or advice and any other specialized area, please consult an appropriate professional. And we also very much appreciate you reviewing the show. Please go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio or whatever platform you’re using and write a review for the show we would very much appreciate that. And be sure to make it official and subscribe so you do not miss any episodes. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.