One Nation with Dr. Ben Carson

One Nation with Dr. Ben Carson

This FlashBack Friday show was originally released on January 14, 2015. Jason talks about Meet the Master’s events and his preference in US real estate as opposed to international investing. He brings on guest Dr. Ben Carson as they talk about a wide range of topics including his book called One Nation, the US medical system, debt, and big government.

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Hey, welcome to the creating wealth show. This is your host, Jason Hartman. This is episode number 464. Thank you so much for joining me today. And I am coming to you from San Diego, California, here after our meet the Masters for a couple of days, got a little business here. And few things to do before I head back home. Just wanted to present this episode today, which is Dr. Ben Carson. He’s a neurosurgeon, also I political candidate. So he’s going to talk about how to save America. And you know, I always kind of wonder how much saving America really needs. Like I’ve said many times before, if you look at the math, and you look at some of the obligations this country has, it needs a lot of saving. But then you look outside of the math and you look at the other things America has going for it which are pretty tremendous to I don’t know, I just don’t know. Let’s see. One of the things that we talked about in depth this last weekend at our meet the Masters event is American real estate versus international real estate. And when we have Diane Kennedy speak about things she does some offshore planning for some of her clients as a CPA, also advising them on some asset protection strategies. The one thing we can come back to just over and over again, even after I’ve interviewed numerous, I mean, dozens and dozens of guests on my jetsetter show, and I know many of you listen to that podcast as well, on the subject of international investing and real estate overseas. It just, I mean, nothing even comes close to the American Opportunity for real estate investing. Because remember what I say income property, or real estate in general in the United States has basically been subsidized since the Great Depression. So many of us get disappointed and discouraged and upset about Obamacare about welfare about people getting disability benefits. Thinking their way into it. And you know, Dan Ammerman, who I’ve had on the show many times talks about how we’ve never seen so many young seemingly Healthy People who have suddenly become disabled when their unemployment benefits and and you know, all of this is obviously a huge problem. That said, you know, if you want a handout, if you want to take advantage of some of this government large s, as a real estate investor, just go get alone. That’s a Fannie Mae type agency loan or Freddie Mac type agency loan. And there are your government perks and your government handouts. So it’s really true, I mean, around the world. One of the things that one of our speakers said this last weekend that meet the masters of income property was that around the world, there are only two places on planet earth, where out of what 190 to 210 countries and depending on who you’re talking to, and how you define a country where you can get a 30 year mortgage. It’s truly an incredible opportunity. And think of it you You buy income property today, and you keep that income property for hopefully 27.5 years. And you know why I say that those of you in the know, know that that’s the depreciation schedule. If you keep that income property through the depreciation schedule, are you going through 30 years, when you make the last payment, or I shouldn’t say your tenant, because you’ve outsourced the debt makes the last payment on that mortgage. You won’t pay that mortgage off until 2045 2045. Now, the projections show that by 2045, instead of there being around 310 million people in the country, there will be around 400 million people in the United States buy them. Think of what that’s going to do for housing demand. Think of what that’s going to do for rental housing demand at meet the Masters in my opening keynote session. I talked about this demographic tidal wave coming at rental housing which is easily been The best it’s ever been in US history out of what 230 some odd years that the country has been around the tidal wave. The demographic tidal wave coming at rental housing right now, over the next decade is nothing short of a miracle, a phenomenal opportunity for investors generation, why the largest demographic cohort in US history, larger than the baby boomers by a small margin of 4 million people, putting off marriage, putting off household formation needing mobility to go where the jobs are saddled with huge student loan debt. And during their formative years, mostly teenagers, seeing their parents get burned in the Great Recession. And in the housing subprime crisis. I mean, all of those things and more add up to phenomenal demographics coming to rental housing over the next decade. So you take that, plus you take the fact that you can keep that mortgage for three decades, three decades, till 2045 We’re going to have another hundred million people almost in the country, where we’re going to have massive increases in housing demand and probably massive, massive amounts of inflation, and benefiting from inflation induced death, destruction. All of these things coalesce to create the perfect storm for investors. So take advantage of that. If you do the math, then if you just look at the country’s math, yes, America needs a lot of saving. Okay, it needs a lot of fixing. And I agree with that. That’s true, certainly from a mathematical perspective, but from a a leadership in the world stage perspective, from a reserve currency perspective, from a biggest military and bully pulpit perspective. Wow, the US has the huge advantage and a giant trump card from that perspective. So who knows the way it will all go. Nobody knows. You know, when I was flying to Aruba about, I guess a little over a month ago now, I was looking through the airline magazine and I saw this fantastic quote, it was on an app by Arthur C. Clarke, the futurist, the science fiction guy, I remember reading a lot of his work when I was a kid, or way back in 1964. He said, The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic. When we repeat that, the only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic. And he said that in 1964. And I would say that even so far not predicting out into any more of the future beyond what we’ve already experienced since 1964. It has been absolutely fantastic. I mean, could we have ever imagined the kind of incredible innovations that we have seen since then. And if we just allow free people in free markets to innovate, to let their creativity flourish if we get the intrusive companies invading our space, Privacy and collecting our data if we keep them at bay if we keep the overreaching dictatorial power hungry governments and politicians at bay, if we keep the warm loving central bankers and bankers in general at bay, if we keep the Wall Street crooks at bay, we keep the fake environmentalist at bay who wants to control our every move if we keep the terrorist who wants us to live in the seventh century at bay, and we allow free people and free markets to do their thing, if we step back and keep all these forces at bay, Arthur C. Clarke was right. The future will be absolutely fantastic and and Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler we did a show on them before I think it was maybe episode. Let me look it up here for you. Episode 267. Isn’t that unbelievable? That was almost 200 episodes ago. It feels like it was fairly recent, but that was almost 200 episodes ago here on the show amazing and their book abundance The future is better than you think. If we just embrace some of this stuff, wow, it’s an incredible time to be alive. It’s an amazing time to be alive. So we’ve got a lot to look forward to check out Jason For other prior podcast episodes, for some fantastic properties, I know we held a lot of properties for the buyers that attended meet the masters. And by the way, a lot of you who attended purchased a lot of properties there over the weekend. So thank you for doing that and enjoy your fantastic investments. I want to wish you happy investing. And many of you told me it’s just been a pleasure reading the evaluations. But many of you came up to me and said and put in the evaluations for the speakers that this was our best meet the Masters event today. So you’ve raised the bar for us and hopefully we raise the bar on what to expect at the next one, and hopefully our 17th meet the Masters event the next one will be even better than this one. So go to Jason Check out some of the properties we will have more released because our location And specialists were holding many properties for the event. But now the event is over. And anything that wasn’t purchased will be released on the website, you can find them at Jason Hartman calm, we’ve still got that little bug that we’re trying to fix by the way on the site. So if you find a property you like there, please do not enquire by filling out the web form right there at the property. Because we may not get it. We’ve had some problems with that little app that we’re trying to fix, but just go to the Contact Us page and contact us through there. And one of our investment counselors will get ahold of you and help you purchase that property. So with that, let’s get to our guest, Dr. Ben Carson. Here we go. It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Ben Carson to the show. He is a famed conservative neurosurgeon and author of the book, one nation, what we can all do to save America’s future. very timely title. Ben, welcome. How are you? I’m doing great, nice to be with. Good, good. It’s good to have you. You’re coming to us from where you located today.

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Today I am in Ketchum, Idaho. Fantastic. And are you campaigning now and I was here on to business and enjoying the beautiful summertime. Good, good stuff.

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So are you considering a run for presidency?

Dr. Ben Carson 11:17
A lot of people think that I should be here. But it’s not something that was on my bucket list. When I retired. I was actually thinking more in terms of learning how to play Oregon, and improving my golf game, but it seems like

Dr. Ben Carson 11:36
yeah, I don’t think Obama’s presidency hasn’t interfered with his golf game.

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Yeah, you’re right. I could probably play more. But I am certainly listening to all the voices and you know, join us 29th city bus tour the week before last in eight days, by the way, and the crowds were just so overwhelming every place that we went There’s so many people say all you got to do it, you got to do it. What I’m gonna do is just kind of wait and see what happens in November? because that’ll be a very good indication to me about the temperament of the nation. Are people sort of happy with big government being into every aspect of their lives? Are they ready to move back toward a more traditional America? And that that will help me define? Well, big government never leads to good things, it always leads to oppression and poverty and everything else bad. They keep trying this experiment over and over. And, you know, it would seem then that history would be our guide by now. We have so many bad examples of big government, you know, he would think, well, this so called utopian society that they’re always striving to achieve. It always ends up looking the same way with a small group of elites at the top who need luxurious lines and control everything. A rapidly shrinking middle class and I’m vastly expanded dependent class. Now,

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no question about it. So big government is utopian for those who run big government, and the insiders and the cronies, but it’s terrible for everybody else. It really is. Well, since you have obvious, great background in in medicine, I thought maybe I’d first asked you about the Affordable Care Act as it’s so, you know, appropriately named, I think. But, you know, what do you think about them the medical issue, it’s obviously a huge part of our economy. I kind of hate to keep talking about it on the show, but it’s it is this giant, mammoth

Dr. Ben Carson 13:39
thing. And it’s been the, according to Obama, the crowning achievement of his presidency, I beg to differ, but Well, I think it is the crowning achievement for him in the sense that he wants to fundamentally change the nation. And of course, if you go and look, you look at the writings of the lensky. And then and then people that nature and they talk about how amazing coordinate is when you’re trying to move to their, quote utopian society, to make the population dependent upon the government, and that the best way to do that is to take control of the most important thing they have, which is the self care. And it’s surprising to me that, that more people don’t read this literature and actually know what’s going on here, this. Now this Health Care Act was not about health care. It was about control. And we have much better and much easier ways to provide good health care. First of all, you only have 15% of the people who didn’t have it. So why would you, you know, turn the whole system upside down. For that reason that makes no sense at all. So that should tell people right there. But at any rate, there are some excellent alternatives that talk about them in the book, the way you can use health savings accounts, for example, with a variety of different ways of funding them and providing them in virtually every American, which puts people in charge of their own healthcare them and their doctors, that brings the whole medical system into the free market. And that’s what controls quality. And that’s what controls price. And that would be a much simpler way to put everybody on equal footing. What we’re going toward now is a two tiered system, where those who have money, you know, compared to concierge, medicine, and everybody else, waits in line forever. This is not going to be useful in the long run.

Dr. Ben Carson 15:31
That’s exactly what’s going to happen. And, you know, the shortage is just always, always occur. You know, it’s the most basic simple rule of economics, you know, if you if you disincentivize people to go into the career and I already hear complaints from doctors saying they’re, you know, they’re looking for other opportunities. They’re, you know, they’re really thinking about their career. I mean, kids who are thinking about medical school, are thinking about not Doing it literally just because of Obamacare for that

Dr. Ben Carson 16:03
one reason only, well, you know, private practice was getting to be a thing of the past, nobody can afford to do it anymore. And talk to so many of my colleagues who are just disgusted. And they say, gosh, you’re so lucky to retire. I’m just looking forward to the day. Well, I can I try. And, you know, I want medicine to be fun again. And that’s why I’m working with a number of people in Congress, with the heritage society and with a group of people to make sure that there is a good alternative in place because this system will collapse. There’s no question about that. And the issue will then be well, should we just go to a single payer system, that’ll be the simplest thing. We want to make sure there’s in place something that’s easy to understand, and that highly desirable before that?

Dr. Ben Carson 16:51
No question about it. So talk to us about some of

Dr. Ben Carson 16:54
the other areas of your book, if you would, just some of the hot buttons we’ve covered quite a bit in here. Do you talk a lot about the future a lot about what’s going to happen to America, but this disunity and you know what? Yeah, go ahead. One of the reasons that it’s in Title One Nation is to emphasize the fact that our unity is our strength traditionally has been what made America great and exceptional. And those who want to fundamentally change America, know that it is necessary to first of all divide Americans. And therefore, you see them driving a wedge into every little crack and crevice to create a war, a war on women, ratio wars, income wars, age wars, religious wars, whatever, there’s a war on and it’s become very effective. And you know, we’re as divided as as you can almost possibly be and still survive. At this point. In time. You take issues that shouldn’t even be Be partisan, for instance, the IRS scandal. And we’ve got people divided on partisan lines. This is something that affects everybody. It affects the very freedom that we have as Americans. But you have people surviving up on different sides. It’s unbelievable. And this will destroy America. And I want people to understand that, you know, it’s actually okay to disagree with somebody on something. In fact, you can learn a lot more from somebody you disagree with, than somebody who agrees with you all the time. And we have a conversation to start talking. Because, you know, you look to the great radical, Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. One of the things he said is never have a conversation with your adversary, because that humanizes them and your job 15 to nine. So they don’t want you to have a conversation. So like what a marriage may not be for people divorce, what happened? They start talking. The next thing you know, their spouse is the devil incarnate, you know, and this is what we’re doing to each other, rather than having those very important conversations, because I think most Americans will find that we have very similar aspirations and desires, but we’ve been manipulated and whipped up into a frenzy. Sort of like on the playground when we were you know, a youngster and you had the troublemaker would go around to this kid and say, Hey, he thought about your mama. And then it go to the other one. He’s, you know, trying to stir up people and and they sit back and relax and enjoy the tightness and choose. Well, that’s what’s going on. That’s what’s going on in our country right now. But they have

Dr. Ben Carson 19:53
Well, you know, that’s the first rule of warfare, right? Divide and Conquer, isn’t it? Yeah.

Dr. Ben Carson 19:57
That’s that’s what they’re doing. We the people have got to be smart enough to see what’s going on and stop allowing it. The other thing that is frightening to me, is the fact that people have been beaten into submission. And they’re afraid. They’re afraid to express themselves. And somebody’s gonna call them a name, or they’re gonna lose their jobs, or they’re gonna have an IRS audit. Yeah, it’s not the free America that I knew growing up, and that certainly we inherited from those who preceded us who were brave. You think about people like Nathan Hale, a teenage rebel, a spy, when he was caught and ready to be executed by the British. He wasn’t whining and complaining and shaking in his boots. He said, My only regret is that I had but one life to give from my nation. Think about that kind of courage. And you know, you wouldn’t have that nowadays. Think about those guys, g DAX, you know, invading the beaches of Normandy, stepping over the bodies of the dead comments, thousands GMO design, but not turning back and fighting, knowing that they would probably be killed so that you and I could live in freedom. You know, that’s the kind of courage that has characterized America. And we must at least be brave enough to think about those who are coming behind us. And you know, I think in particular about, you know, I grew up in Detroit, and it was one of the most prosperous city in the nation. And now it’s the biggest bankruptcy. You know what I like to say, Ben, I like to say that Detroit is the poster child for big government socialist disaster. I mean, it is just the saddest story ever.

Dr. Ben Carson 21:50
I mean, Detroit was not only one of the most amazing cities in the country, it was it was a flagship city of the entire world. Look at what came from Detroit. It was incredible. But then prosperity, the law to apathy big bureaucracy, unions just drove the businesses out and corrupt follies all works together

Dr. Ben Carson 22:12
to destroy a city. And it’s a harbinger of what will happen to our nation. The exact same thing. If we continue down this pathway, you know, I’m particularly alarm, you know, having spent most of my life, you know, dealing with children and the welfare of children, recognizing what we are doing to their future, with our reckless spending 17 and a half trillion, moving rapidly toward $18 trillion in terms of the national debt, a number that most people can’t comprehend. But if you tried to pay it back at a billion dollars a day, it would take you almost 50 years, and then it was just a ridiculous number. And the only reason we can sustain it, of course, is because we are the world reserve currency. And as you probably know, China, Russia and some others, you’re making noises about that right now, saying that we don’t deserve to be the world reserve currency because of our reckless fiscal policies. And they may have a point. But if we’re not the reserve currency, it means we can’t print money anymore. If we can print money with the level of debt that we have any grease, here we come, you know, Occupy Wall Street beer walk in the park compared to what’s going on, and we’re just around the corner from that. Yeah. Well,

Dr. Ben Carson 23:27
I I agree with you mathematically. But I think that the only thing that really keeps in probably will keep at least for the foreseeable future. The US and the reserve currency position is the military we have. We were the bully of the block. You know,

Dr. Ben Carson 23:45
I’m not saying it’s right. It’s not fair. But it is, it is what it is and we will defend our dollar with our battleships and our incredible military, although our military is rapidly being decimated look at over 100 generals have than tired, I have had to leave in voluntarily. The budgetary cuts, the more around and the no carry as low as it has ever done. I’ve got a lot of inside information from military. This is this was not a good situation, all these things. It seems like everything is moving toward a place that is not good for our nation. And it worries me. But here’s the good thing that I’ve noticed, as I travel around the country, red states, blue states, north, south, east west, just huge, enthusiastic crowds of people, many elderly who said they had given up on American they were just waiting to die and now they think maybe there’s some hope. And I think we have to keep talking about the things that are positive we have to stop going along to get along. Because when you do that the second progressive when by default, that’s that’s what political correctness is. Shut up. Just don’t even talk about it. Don’t mention it. In the meantime, we will completely change the fabric of the nation. That’s what’s happening to America right now. And the other thing that I talked about a lot in the book is the importance of knowing history of knowing current events. And I was looking at a new show not too long ago, and they were interviewing people on the street, young people, and they want to know who saved the happy song. Everybody knew the answer. And then they said, What can you tell me about being grouchy? virtually no one knew they thought, that’s a singer, isn’t it, man. That’s, that’s how bad it is. And of course, the founders of our nation were very wary of that. And they said that our system and our freedom is dependent on a well informed and educated pump. They said, if we ever become less than that the nature of the country will change rapidly. And why did they feel that way? Because then people would not have the wherewithal to interpret what people were telling them. And a slick, dishonest politician or dishonest media could easily lead people wherever they want it to go.

Dr. Ben Carson 26:23
And that’s kind of where we are. So it’s amazing. So what else do you think we can do to? I mean, what can we do to change the mindset? The problem we have is we’ve got, you know, 47% of the people is romney famously said, who are getting something from the government and no amount of logic or reason will overcome someone’s selfish desire to get something for free. It seems. It’s just it’s just a bad situation.

Dr. Ben Carson 26:55
It’s a good point. But you know, I’ve always said since the time that 47% comment was made by Mitt Romney. I said, What a golden opportunity for him to now say, but when I become president, my top priority is to provide a ladder to those people so that it can climb out of that 47% and claim the American dream. And we’re going to do everything we can to make this economy, what it needs to be in order to provide the fruition of those dreams for them. Because that really is the key. You know, you look at what’s happening right now. You have the heavy foot of government regulations on the neck of business and industries. Dozens of new regulations coming out every single week, and circling business, industry, academia, every aspect of our lives. Anybody who doesn’t cooperate, you just told them and so on them, you know, and that’s how, you know, traditionally communist and socialist government control everything. We’re doing the same thing. Most of us Look, that’s what’s going on. you couple that with your county and taxation, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. And then we sit there and we complain about the fact that companies are doing business overseas. Well, that indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of business and of capitalism. People don’t go into business to support the government’s they go into business to make money. You have to understand that and you have to create an environment that is conducive to the growth and innovation of business. Look at our neighbors up north Canada. 11 years ago, they realized that they slashed their corporate tax rate to less than half of ours. And what happened? exclusion China’s Australia the same thing start moving up north. You know, England recently realized that too, and they’re now having a rebound. You know, why do we have to be the last ones to understand that you know, what amazes me? About the left is that you talk to some of these leftist especially the ivory tower type that think too much. And whenever they in their own lives, go to purchase something. They do the simple thing of shopping around and comparing, yet they don’t think for some reason, companies, executives

Dr. Ben Carson 29:23
will do the same thing. Of course companies shop for the most favorable place to do business, right. I mean, what a logical idea, but but for some reason, they should be enslaved and forced to do business in places like the Socialist Republic of California, my home state, and you know, they shouldn’t be entitled to shop around and shop for a better venue like, like the way the liberal shops for the best deal on Birkenstocks. I’m, you know, joking, of course,

Dr. Ben Carson 29:53
but not completely. That’s the modus operandi for the progressive movement. It seems like apply to other people, but they don’t apply to us. I mean, look at look at the IRS right now. So we don’t have to keep records, or we can lose them or they can disappear. Because you will not do that. It’s just, it’s absurd. It’s absolutely absurd. What’s going on really is it really is. It’s just crazy.

Dr. Ben Carson 30:19
Well, any messages of hope, big ideas, we’d love to hear them as you wrap up here.

Dr. Ben Carson 30:24
Well, my parting words would be Think back to the pre revolutionary days of this nation, the Patriots were very unhappy about. So King George the Third, and his tyrannical declaration. And what they started doing is calling town meetings and meeting in their barns and meeting wherever they even invited the loyalists. And they talked about the America that they dreamed up and if they wanted, and what were they willing to fight for and what should they want to pass down to their children and by doing that on a regular basis, They gained courage. And that’s how a ragtag bunch of militiamen defeated the most powerful empire on earth. And we need to do that again, today. Need to start getting together with the people in your sphere of influence your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends, your extended family, and talking about the America that you want, and that you want to leave behind for your children. And what are you willing to do for and you need to talk to your uncle, who hasn’t voted in 20 years, and make sure he understands what the stakes are. And if he’s an Intuit, tell them to get an absentee ballot, and if he’s partially blind, help them to fill it out. But we all have to get involved. Recognizing that in the last presidential election, more people did not vote in voted for either candidate. We need to get those people activated once again, and start moving and I think we can do this And I think and when I say we, I’m talking about people with common sense. When we take control government, we can’t just like, say, Well, this is what they get to. So this is what we don’t do that now. We have to put the Constitution, front and center. We can’t pick and choose the laws that we want to enforce. We can’t pick and choose the groups that we want to be winners and losers. You know, we have to remember that this is supposed to be a gift and a gala, terian Nation, everybody that’s saying, and when we do that, and we take off all the the silly regulations, we begin to develop our natural resources. We use the Environmental Protection Agency, to work with academia, and with business and industry to find the safest ways to use our abundant natural resources. So that we can can reduce energy prices which affect the poor then affect the rich. Things like that caused this big gap. You know, these are the things we You need to address in this nation again, we can do that we can rapidly return this to a nation. That is fair. And just for everyone now. Great points. Well, Dr. Ben Carson, thank you so much for joining us today. Tell us where people can find you and buy your book as well. Real Ben Carson, calm and the book is should be pretty much everywhere except in very little bookstore.

Dr. Ben Carson 33:25
Expand there to the people that support freedom and free speech, right.

Dr. Ben Carson 33:31
It was it was number one on the New York Times bestseller list until last week when Hillary’s book not get to number two. Yeah, well,

Dr. Ben Carson 33:38
well, I’ll give you a comparison. Your book on Amazon has four and a half stars and you have a lot of reviews, you have 211 reviews. And Hillary’s book has only two stars with 845 reviews. So I think I think you’re definitely winning in the literary world for sure.

Dr. Ben Carson 33:58
So keep up the good work. Thank you so much for joining us, Ben.

Dr. Ben Carson 34:02
Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

Dr. Ben Carson 34:04
Yeah, I still feel like I’m on the path for sure. And there’s a lot more wealth that I want to grow and things I want to do. But I’ll tell you, it’s when I think back to where we were, and what both of us my wife and I both have done to be where we are today, it almost like if you told me this is where we were headed 10 years ago, or what I would have told you, you were nuts, because I could not. I couldn’t have imagined we’d ever be able to buy real estate again, or that I’d ever want to, you know, and here Here we are with, with several properties later. And we’re still we’re still chugging along.

Dr. Ben Carson 34:33
I’ve never really thought of Jason as subversive, but I just found out that’s what Wall Street considers him to be, really

Dr. Ben Carson 34:40
now How is that possible at all?

Dr. Ben Carson 34:42
Simple. Wall Street believes that real estate investors are dangerous to their schemes? Because the dirty truth about income property is that it actually works in real life.

Dr. Ben Carson 34:53
I know I mean, how many people do you know not including insiders who created wealth with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. those options are for people who only want to pretend they’re getting ahead.

Dr. Ben Carson 35:04
Stocks and other non direct traded assets are losing game for most people. The typical scenario is you make a little you lose a little and spin your wheels for decades.

Dr. Ben Carson 35:15
That’s because the corporate crooks running the stock and bond investing game we’ll always see to it that they win. This means unless you’re one of them, you will not win.

Dr. Ben Carson 35:25
And unluckily for wall street. Jason has a unique ability to make the everyday person understand investing the way it should be. He shows them a world where anything less than a 26% annual return is disappointing.

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Yep. And that’s why Jason offers a one book set on creating wealth that comes with 20 digital download audios. He shows us how we can be excited about these scary times and exploit the incredible opportunities this present economy has afforded us.

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We can pick local markets untouched by the economic downturn, exploitable packaged commodities investing and achieve exceptional returns safely and securely.

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Dr. Ben Carson 36:30
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