Valentine’s Day Special and How to Fall in Love by Richard Marek

Valentine’s Day Special and How to Fall in Love by Richard Marek

On today’s show Jason gives us a Valentine’s Day greeting. He brings on guest Richard Marek, former President of EP Dutton, editor of James Baldwin, Robert Ludlum, Peter Straub, Ben Stein and more. They talk about his new book How to Fall In Love: A Novel. Richard explains what happnes when people fall in love and socieities views on love. In the last segment of the show Jason brings on investment counselor Adam to talk about two real estate scams to avoid.

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You know, my passion for real estate really has taken over my, my passion for technology. So it’s been it’s been a really fun that, you know, over these six years getting closer and closer into real estate to the point that I can really, you know that it’s my day job now focused on real estate, you know, hosting co hosting with you, the women investing network podcast, which is a lot of fun, amazing guests going into that being able to have the time to participate in the venture Alliance, mastermind group, which I adore, and it has added an incredible amount of value to me, and then also being able to have the time to go to like, I’m going to the Oklahoma City property tour that’s coming up, and I’m super excited about that.

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Jason Hartman 1:36
Welcome listeners from around the world and Happy Valentine’s Day. This is Episode 1131 130. Thank you so much for joining me. And before we talk about love, and that is what our guests will talk about today how to fall in love. I want to talk to you about a couple of scams and these deserve elaboration on future episodes and we will deliver that But just briefly, let’s go into that. I’ve got Adam here with me. And he has noticed these. And I was listening to an audiobook this morning and thinking about them. So we got to talk about this today. Well, it is hot on my mind, Adam, welcome. How you doing?

Adam 2:16
I’m doing great, good to see you worked up over the bad things people are doing out there. And I get so worked up.

Jason Hartman 2:21
Do you know what my real passion is? Its consumer advocacy. And it is law in the public interest. And if I have the time, money resources, well, I mean, I got the money but not this much money. I would just basically open up a company or a foundation, another charitable foundation of some sort, to engage in what is known as law in the public interest, where, you know, we basically just litigate to change the law and write various wrongs that you see out there in society that you know, this is what a lot of groups do. It’s what the Electronic Frontier Foundation Does that’s what the ACLU does. I mean, the ACLU as much as I hate them half the time. So, you know, sometimes I like them. They’ve got like, I don’t know, hundreds or maybe thousands of lawyers, just litigating and filing what’s known as ama kiss briefs, which advocates just means friend of the court, where it’s a case that they’re not actually litigating themselves. But they file a brief as an opinion, stating their position on a case somebody else’s litigating. And, you know, this is the way society is shaped, it’s shaped by the laws. And that’s, you know, what is known as law in the public interest. And I tell you, if I had the resources, I would be filing some cases on what I’m about to talk about today. I posted in our private Facebook group, Adam, and you saw it this morning, a screenshot of this appraisal thing, right? And here’s the thing about this, this really does cut both ways, okay? So it’s not an either or always this or never that type of thing, right? But one of our prior affiliates, we didn’t like the way this particular company was dealing with appraisal issues. So we stopped referring clients to them. I mean, well, why don’t you tell us about what I posted?

Adam 4:15
Since I won’t do all the dog in here? So you posted the thing, and it was a screenshot of their appraisal

Jason Hartman 4:21
policy. It’s on their website. So if you want to buy a property from them, you got to agree to this before you even inquire about a property. Oh my god.

Adam 4:29
So their policy is, as long as they don’t overcharge you by more than $5,000 based on the appraiser, you have to continue purchasing the property through them.

Jason Hartman 4:40
Yeah. So you’re basically agreeing to give up your checks and balances, right, the appraisal is a check and balance. Now, admittedly, appraisals are wrong all the time. In a really hot market. You know, a lot of times you have to agree to not necessarily completely waive an appraisal contingent. When purchasing a property, but if you want to buy a property, there are a lot of times where you’re going to have to put up some money to meet. Meet the seller, maybe halfway right. But you don’t agree to that before you even start the process. Exactly. Adam, you’re exactly right. It should be situational. It should not be a this way or the highway type of thing. Right?

Adam 5:22
Yeah. I wonder if they’re also recommending what appraiser to use,

Jason Hartman 5:25
they don’t have as much control over that as they used to before the financial crisis, thankfully, but they still do exert some control. And the problem is you get this you know, chummy environment, where the lender is in bed with the seller and, you know, they have connections to various appraisers and you know, they can’t really influence the appraisal as much as they used to, thankfully, but they still do exert some influence over it. But let me tell you what happens before this. This is what’s really important. Okay, this is this is the big Okay. So, you know, as our listeners know, there are basically three ways to appraise a property, there is the income approach commonly used in larger commercial properties. And the property is valued based on how much income it generates. There is the comparison approach, commonly used in residential properties, where they will look at, you know, three comparable sales, and they’ll say, okay, you know, this property based on those three comparable sales, and it’s, you know, specific location in the neighborhood, and its upgrades and the quality of it, this is what it’s worth, right, you know, somewhere near the average of those three recent comparable sales. And then there is the cost approach, where, you know, the appraiser just looks and they say, Okay, well, this is what it would cost to rebuild this property. And, to some extent, in all of these approaches, comes into play this concept of what’s known as highest and best Use, okay, highest and best use. And so with simple single family homes, this isn’t that complicated, but with larger properties that can really come into play that highest and best use thing on those three approaches. So here is the real scam, okay? It’s not just this ridiculous appraisal language that the seller wants you to agree with, you know the person we’re not referring customers to, at least not right now. Maybe they’ll clean up their act, but we’re not going to let our clients agree to this type of stuff. It is basically where look at these sellers are all investors, and they will go into neighborhoods, and they will buy properties. And they will buy them with cash. And they will overpay for them intentionally intentionally overpay now you’re thinking, Well, why would someone intentionally overpay for a property? Well, if they had a bigger vision and a bigger mission, and this is not a point I say vision usually that’s used in a positive sense. I’m not using it that way. Now. It’s an evil diabolic Vision, okay, because if they overpay for three properties in order to set the comps for the appraisal, then they can buy up a bunch of other properties in that area and use those comps to overvalue the whole neighborhood. Okay, and then they can increase their margin on those additional properties. What do you think about that? I think it’s an

Adam 8:23
ingenious but incredibly intelligent scam at the same time. I mean, it requires a lot of planning, and a lot of deception. So it’s one of those things where you kind of tip your hat at their ingenuity but are disgusted by the actions.

Jason Hartman 8:38
Right, right, like a criminal genius like Bernie Madoff, right. Exactly. Exactly. Well, it’s not really that hard.

Adam 8:46
You just buy three properties. I didn’t say it was hard. I just you know, the idea of coming up with that to do it is not something I would think to do first, right?

Jason Hartman 8:54
Because you are a decent ethical person, but

Adam 8:58
this is what these people do that Is what they do. It’s really when you can when you can set the comps like that. I mean, it’s a slippery slope down a higher rate and especially if you can buy it at a higher price than you should and then also fix it up right and make it even worth worth even more. I mean that Yeah, right. Well, that’s a legitimate adding, right? But I’m saying if you can start it with that started at a higher basis, and also put some money in and build up the cost, I mean, that’s just gonna

Jason Hartman 9:24
raise everything. Okay. So this leads me to the next issue, and this is the next kind of component of the scam. You hear some people advertise and promote saying, don’t work with a turnkey company like ours in the industry, we would be considered a turnkey aggregator, I guess, okay. They would say well just work with us because we’re the seller, okay, and we have more control. But this control creates exactly all of these problems, because when they have control over everything, you know, Well, here’s another scam they will do, they will basically pay for a lot of the maintenance issues themselves out of that increase profit margin that that will gain, increase profit margin by, you know, puffing the appraisals, they will pay for some of these repairs and maintenance things themselves in the beginning to make the property look like it’s performing better than it really is. So that is another part of it. Now, when you have when you’re dealing with a seller, number one, they are going to be very biased in terms of the areas and properties they recommend. Okay, all the best. Yep, they have all the best properties, and now’s the time you got to buy right? And they’re also controlling the values and you’ve got no one watching that. Right. You’ve got nobody watching that. Think about this thing we started with today about this appraisal thing, you know, look at if we overcharge you by 5000 or 10,000 Tough luck. You got to pay the difference. That’s basically what they’re saying here. In the appraisal process the language they have here, but But think about how that plays out. If they’re going to end up selling 3040 or 50 properties in that area. If they can bump these comps, by $10,000 apiece, that is a giant difference in their profit margin, it can add up to millions of dollars over the course of a couple of years. It’s a giant giant difference. And so this is why you don’t want to go directly to the seller, because the seller has too much control. And they have too much bias and they’re definitely not area agnostic. And they’ve got all of that additional control of the deal. So you know, there’s just a lot more than meets the eyes to this stuff. I mean, hey, look, I bought my first rental property in 1985. Okay, a lot of people, you know, they’ve been doing this since 2009. You know, you just got to go through a lot of problems and headaches and have some people rip you off before you learn stuff. So the goal of this show is to help you avoid getting ripped off. You can learn from my lessons rather than your own, but just wanted to share a couple of things there with you because I was it was really top of mine today. Any thoughts at the moment?

Adam 12:20
Yeah, I would say in you’re talking about having the control and exerting it. I found whenever I purchased properties through the Hartman network, that I’ve had times where I couldn’t get an answer from a provider that I needed, and I would call them I would email them and nothing and then as soon as my investment counselor got included in the thread, they got responded to it was incredible. I was sitting to my computer just three hours after they had sent the email going, why wouldn’t they respond to me right? Now, that’s why you need that third party that checks and balances. I can’t pull, you know, 100 clients 200 clients away from their sales, I can only pull my Self away,

Jason Hartman 13:00
right? We’re basically like a buying club, we’re going to demand that these providers that these sellers of these properties act better because we give them such a volume of business, and they’re going to hopefully really value that relationship. Now, I have to tell you, this power has been reduced over the last couple of years, we do not have the power we used to have. But things will change. You know, it’s basically two years out of every 10 years. That’s the typical cycle where that power wanes on our part, but the other eight out of 10 years, we really hold those cards. So you know, it’s been definitely more of a struggle lately to get these people to act. Right. And I’ve talked about that a lot. how, you know, a booming economy and a booming market is really not good for human character. It’s sort of like a spoiled child. Don’t spoil your kids. It’s not good for their character, right. And it’s the same kind of concept here. So the battle continues.

Adam 14:00
It’s hard to get control over somebody who has language in their contract that they can overcharge you,

Jason Hartman 14:05
right? Yeah, yeah, we get overcharging Thank you very much.

Adam 14:08
And then whenever the markets this hot Yeah,

Jason Hartman 14:11
you really can. When the market is hot, the weasels and thieves, you know, idiots, they just come out of the woodwork. Everybody in their brother is coming out of the woodwork in a hot booming market. In a down market. That’s when you see the more established real players that are going to stick around, you know, these are just the opportunist vultures that come in when things are easy, right? They can just swoop down, make some money, and then they can go you know, go back to their job delivering pizza during the recession. Okay. It’s truly mind boggling. But all of that said it’s better than Wall Street. Okay, so there you go. It’s better than there the organized crime on Wall Street.

Adam 14:57
I bar

Jason Hartman 14:58
high bar Yeah. Exactly very high bar. We just want to share this stuff with you when we see it. And when we’re thinking about it because we’re in this for the long game and we just want you to be a very empowered investor. So I hope that helps. Hey Adam, we got to mention today and today only, we have a Valentine’s Day Sale. We used to run this thing called frugal Friday years ago. We’re going to bring it back where we offer very big discounts on some of our educational products and sometimes our live events. And today for Valentine’s Day We are offering just that go to Jason Hartman calm, you can take advantage of that. You can get the meet the Masters audios from last year at half price today and today only. Okay. So take advantage of that. And also join us for this year’s meet the Masters in Newport Beach, California in March. We look forward to seeing you there Jason slash masters for that. And Adam, let’s get to our guest.

Adam 15:59
Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s

Jason Hartman 16:00
Day, everybody. And here’s our guests talking about how to fall in love.

Adam 16:05
Join us March 23, and 24th for the 2019 meet the masters of income property.

Jason Hartman 16:10
Let’s break this down and look at some of the strengths of income property. As an asset class, I found that this event is really helpful because I am totally a newbie to real estate investment. And so I picked up so much information. One of the great things about it is it’s so fragmented, right? embrace the fragmentation. We’ve actually been learning a lot about the tax benefits to real estate and a lot of I’ve been investing actually well over 10 years now. And I learned a lot of new things today. The other advantage of this weekend is networking, meeting new property managers meeting new area specialists and then seeing the product they have to offer that changes here by you. Register now with Jason

Adam 16:57
slash masters.

Jason Hartman 16:58
Yes. It’s my pleasure to welcome Richard Merrick. He’s the former president of EP Dutton, and accomplished book editor and publisher, editor of James Baldwin’s last five books Robert Ludlum his first nine books and novels by Peter Straub, Thomas Harris, including The Silence of the Lambs, ben stein, and David morale. He’s author of the new book, How to fall in love a novel. Richard, welcome. How are you? I’m fine. Thank

Richard Marek 17:25
you. And I should say quickly that I’m a co author, my wife and I wrote a book together.

Jason Hartman 17:30
Fantastic. Well, that’s a good way to stay in love by saying that

Richard Marek 17:34
it was a big count.

Jason Hartman 17:37
Were you located?

Richard Marek 17:38
We’re located in Westport, Connecticut.

Jason Hartman 17:41
Okay, great. Well, this is an age old question, and it’s very fitting given the time of year with Valentine’s Day. How do you fall in love?

Richard Marek 17:51
You meet someone who is initially extremely attracted, not necessarily physically over it helps attracted by in brain in manner in thought, every way there is me attractive. And then you see each other over and over again until it grows. My wife. First Why is there was Margo had recently died of a glioblastoma. I was in despair. And a friend of mine called me and said, All you’re doing is watching football games that’s not going to get you anywhere. Why don’t you come to a party? So I came to a party and into the moon walk a dazzling young lady. Her name was Dara. Hi. And while I was initially attracted to her beauty, we sat together there were four other people at the body, and we ignored. We just talked to each other. But nevertheless, something sparked and I think that’s spark is pretty undefinable I think it’s something that happens between people. The thesis of the book is that it really can’t happen through texts through mechanical means. It can only happen in the presence of the person you’re with, right? I had been married for 27 years. And the next morning, I thought I would call her that. I was sure I’ll call her but I’ve never been such a nervous wreck. How do you call somebody after 27 years and asked for a date? But I did I My hands were sweaty, but I held on to the phone and called her and she accepted the date and that started our relationship.

Jason Hartman 19:46
Okay, so you’re saying that really, these modern technologies we have are not helping, they are actually inhibiting people’s ability to find love? Is that what you would

Richard Marek 19:58
I think that’s true. Okay, and I think I can write a pretty witty response to a question. Mm hmm. But I’m Tongue Tied when I’m in the presence of somebody who I’m attracted to.

Jason Hartman 20:11
Oh, yeah, me too. Why is it that everybody always says I’m a great conversationalist? I have the gift of gab, I hear that all the time. Yet you put a pretty pretty girl in front of me. And I just yeah. Yeah,

Richard Marek 20:27
that’s true. And we talked and we talked about a number of subjects, many of which were things we agreed upon a lot to say for instance, right.

Jason Hartman 20:39
Okay, so that’s all great, everything in common, etc. But here’s the thing. Would you admit that maybe, you know, you happen to go to that party, you might not have gone you might have stayed home watching football and missed out. Is there some degree of luck in this? I mean, a lot of people haven’t met that person, you know, and yes, you could Certainly say while they’re spending too much time in front of their computer, and they’re busy on social media, but they should be going out to meet people. But absolutely, but here’s the reality, though, is that other people are doing that same thing too. So people just in general aren’t going out as much. And it takes two to tango is the saying goes right? You might be willing to go out and give up the computer screen. But it requires the rest of the world going out to to meet you, right?

Richard Marek 21:27
Yes, I think that’s true, but sooner or later, and it’s generally sooner if you’re in the mood for love, it will happen. We have a qubit in the book whose job it is, he’s losing his job because of these machines. And Giove tells him that he’s going to be downsized if he doesn’t find two people who will fall in love by meeting each other. And we have them do it all. She is a ballet dancer and everybody laughed and look For a companion, and he is a very Tongue Tied editor, who is very happy with a series of affairs. And yet something happens. They see each other, they’re attracted to each other. And there’s a build of love with all sorts of problems that you that you think of when you’re writing a novel. But there’s a bill to her. And he and she follows.

Jason Hartman 22:27
So certainly you’ve heard the same stories I’ve heard I’m sure. I mean, I have many friends and clients who have met online many through Match. com especially I’d say, but you know, even Tinder and all the rest and Bumble, whatever. They met that way, and now they’re married or in a serious relationship. Sure. You know, what about that? I mean, it just brings them to meeting right. It’s not a of

Richard Marek 22:53
course it can happen, but I just think that it’s quicker if you don’t use those. You just you see something Somebody at a body or at a friend’s house or at a convention or a PTA meeting, and loves to watch their. I’m convinced of it.

Jason Hartman 23:13
Well, like we talked about, I mean, I don’t disagree that in person meeting, there’s too many obstacles to in person meeting. I mean, it has become so bad. That literally, I think we have an entire generation, maybe two generations of people who can’t even pick up a phone. I mean, meeting meeting meeting would be an incredible stretch. They can’t even talk on the phone for God’s sake. I mean, you know, it’s just a bunch of text messages. How can you express any degree of feeling through a text based message? It’s pathetic, I mean, email, text, message boards, social media, whatever, right? We were not created to talk in writing that that was not the way we were created to Writing only has two real purposes. In my opinion, number one, highly technical things need to be written. Okay. And I’ll just clump in there with the same thing technical and legal things need to be written. And then the other purpose to save things for posterity. I mean, certainly, you know, we would identify the beginning of civilization was with written things, you know, hieroglyphics and then, you know, clay tablets and so forth. Right? Writing has its place, but the problem is people have substituted it and put it in all the wrong places. I was trying to hire a vendor recently, who we would have paid a lot of money to. The guy is a millennial who can’t talk on the damn phone. I mean, that’s, that’s pathetic. He’s like, I only communicate by email. Well, guess what, we’re not hiring you if you can’t talk to us.

Richard Marek 24:51
Right. And I think that goes for love, too. I’m not going to fall in love with you unless you can talk to me.

Richard Marek 24:58

Jason Hartman 24:58
we were creating To talk. This, by the way, is a good place for a small, non commercial. But I hate text messaging. I hate email, I use an app called voxer. I have no financial interest in this, but it is a voice messaging app. So you know, if people aren’t available in real time by phone, you can message them with a voice message and so much more data is carried over a voice message. Then in a written message, I mean, we’ve all had these written messages, emails, social media posts that turn into these giant misunderstandings and friendships are ruined, because people misinterpret the message. Hardly ever does someone misinterpret a voice based message, especially in person. If you’re in front of the person. It’s almost never misinterpreted.

Richard Marek 25:49
You and I on the same page now, there’s another reason for writing and that is simply to impart information, when soon after my downline. I first Met I went to Cairo on assignment for the government.

Jason Hartman 26:04
Yep. One of the most polluted cities in the world. I’ve been there. I got sick in two days. I wrote,

Richard Marek 26:09
I’ve been there once before. So nothing I’d say, at least to be careful. And I wrote her every night wrong long let us but they will let us have information. This is what I did in the morning. And this is what I did an afternoon and then I took friends took me out to dinner, and I love you very much. But that was she used to wait by the fax machine. Because in those days with facts, and when it rains, she was gonna happily lead them but there was no emotion in these right there was love but there was not the kind of love that you can generate face to face. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 26:46
there’s just much more data in a voice based communication, especially if you had body language. I’m sure literally, it’s like being one dimensional versus being multi dimensional. Right. You know, Absolutely, it’s just starting. I think the whole world started going downhill when email came along. It’s just a terrible way to communicate.

Richard Marek 27:09
It’s you and I are great friends.

Jason Hartman 27:13
Yeah, yep. Well, hey, catch me on voxer.

Richard Marek 27:17
And also the tone of voice when you’re speaking to somebody.

Richard Marek 27:20
Yeah, absolutely.

Jason Hartman 27:23
Yeah, tone, cadence, pacing, you know, all sorts of things. So at the pregnant pause. And it’s interesting that you agree with this when you come from the world of book publishing. I mean, you built a tremendous career in book publishing. But all of your work was in the novel in the in the fiction side, wasn’t it?

Richard Marek 27:41
No, I did a lot of nonfiction, mostly on subjects rather than by now. My fiction is by love and fiction is what I read for the most part, when I’m alone,

Jason Hartman 27:54
good, good stuff. More about how to fall in love. Okay, so get out from under computer screen. There’s this great video, by the way that went around on social media here. It’s a contradiction. I know. But it’s called look up. And it was, yeah, maybe you’ve seen it a years ago went around and, and it was about these, these two, you know, attractive young people. And she always had her head buried in her smartphone. He always had his head buried in a smartphone. They were both looking for love. They were both lonely. And it showed them walking through the city and passing by each other many times. They never saw each other. Because they were so they were so buried into their phone. Right. It’s a sad, I don’t know, how do you fix this? How do you fix it? Yeah, well, fair enough. Yeah, at least one person can look up.

Richard Marek 28:42
Well, yes. And if one person does the other person will try to see where he’s looking.

Jason Hartman 28:48
Good stuff. Okay. So engage in person, or at least by phone. If you’re not directly in person. That’s a good start. Anything else?

Richard Marek 28:56
What else do you talk about in the book? Be honest, the Frank and display your weaknesses as well as your strengths. We pretty much know what are for those who are what are also likely to go on wrong. And we fought from time to time, but always with the sense that we will tell each other the truth. Once you start all the way in God, you’re beautiful and I just worship the very ground you work on. You’re in trouble, I think

Jason Hartman 29:29
Yeah, no. Okay. Good, good stuff. Anything else

Richard Marek 29:32
how to follow like a novel has almost all this. Right? And the I think that readers will find the two characters human. Even though there’s a God that initially puts them together. He’s not needed. The arrow doesn’t necessarily have to strike to love to possibly.

Jason Hartman 29:55
So what does that mean the arrow so you’re talking about Cupid’s arrow. Obviously, what Does that mean it means that you might not feel that way instantly? Or what do you mean when you say

Richard Marek 30:06
that it means that it doesn’t take an outside God or person to ignite that slot? And he, while he’s very proud of themselves for putting them together in the first place, steps out of the picture and lets them handle it. Mm hmm. That’s them handling fights. That’s commendable their sex. Let him handle their life.

Jason Hartman 30:31
Is it is it healthy to fight?

Richard Marek 30:33
Oh, I think he’s very happy. Why wasn’t just a catharsis or what, for what reason? We’re not perfect every hour of the day or every minute of every hour. And without disagreement, without fighting. I say I had seen something as long as my first wife turned on my but I was married for 20 over 20 years to my Fresh Life. And she and I never fought and I think it was a mistake. We don’t fight much down the line and we didn’t fight it all in the writing of the book. She wrote the women’s part and I wrote the man’s and somehow we found a style or a tone or a voice that come here so I read a would not know who wrote chapters one two and five it I think, at all

Jason Hartman 31:21
What do you think about the concept and I mean of course this what I’m about to say has a different meaning for everybody. But what do you think about the concept of there though, you know, phrase this thrown around soul mate, do you believe that? You know, everybody has like one soul mate and or do you believe it’s possible to have that soulmate relationship with the, you know, the variety of people? I don’t mean all at once, I think so many over time.

Richard Marek 31:48
Yeah. soulmate is one connection. That is important and certainly important between motors. But I had a male friend for almost 50 years. until he died. We were we call each other every day, or almost every day and talked about the things that we cared about and believed from politics to music to literature. And he was I mean, I understood him and he understood me, as well as I would suspect a married couple. You know? Sure you can have you can be a soul mate to more than one person. Sure. Okay.

Jason Hartman 32:28
I don’t know if you ever followed him his work when he was alive, but I remember something in my reading many years ago of Scott Peck, who is now Yes, pretty sure disease. And he talked about the idea of standing in love versus falling in love how most people they mistake falling in love with the idea of standing in love. And as I recall, the standing and love idea sort of alluded to more of a question. commitment, versus a falling in love was like a feeling right? Most people mistake falling in love for standing in love. Any thoughts on that? Did you ever

Richard Marek 33:12
agree with em Scott Peck was

Jason Hartman 33:16
Scott Peck down the road less traveled?

Richard Marek 33:18
That’s right. I think that you don’t have to work at standing in love, love will get you to stand. And unless you stand, love will be probably be fleeting. So I agree with Mr. Pack. It’s a very interesting notion. I hadn’t thought of it until you brought it up just now. I like it. Maybe

Jason Hartman 33:38
I can ask you something for the younger folks out there. And I recently, I don’t know I saw some documentary or something on Netflix, just about how like young people date and how they view the world of relationships nowadays, and it’s so foreign to me. But what do you think about this sort of casual hookup culture that exists? Nowadays, especially with these dating apps, I mean, I’ve used that is pretty destructive. But then I look back and I look at old movies and TV shows about the 60s and the early 70s. And I don’t know, maybe it’s just another iteration of that, because it was pretty much the free lunch.

Richard Marek 34:18
Yeah, I don’t I don’t understand it. I don’t see how you can hook up. I’m not interested in I wasn’t interested in hooking up. Some random. There are a lot of hiccups along the way. Sure. When you go home late at night and say, What was that all about? Well, but it really is.

Jason Hartman 34:38
It’s interesting. I just sort of wonder, you know, it’s always interesting, like, what will become of these people when they grow up and run the world in 2025 years?

Richard Marek 34:49
They’ll have outgrown it.

Richard Marek 34:51

Jason Hartman 34:52
it’s just a phase. Okay. That’s a good sign. That’s a good sign. At least. They can get the book on Amazon, of course. And all the usual places others, I don’t mean to mention just Amazon. But any other information you want to give out. I know you’re not much of an internet guy or not a social media.

Richard Marek 35:11
publisher. Yeah. This kind of thing.

Jason Hartman 35:14
And just quickly in closing, I just thought I’d ask you, you know, you had an extraordinary career in the book publishing and editing business. Where’s that industry going nowadays? Just quickly? I mean, you know, we saw the revolution of self publishing, maybe started 20 years ago. And how much time do you have? Well, yeah, I know, this is a whole nother show. But

Richard Marek 35:32
yeah, just a quick thoughts. Briefly, I believe that felt self publishing is better than not publishing, because firms like Amazon, which does a lot of self publishing, to get the book distributed, or at least get it on the net. And the fact is, that there is even now in Montana, in a cave, a hermit, who has spent his entire life thinking Feeling and he’s written down something that nobody’s ever said before. And that no matter how is presented, will live eternally. I believe that to the bottom of my song, and you don’t you don’t find it often. But maybe with an M Scott pack or certainly with the Shakespeare, you find it and it’s immoral. It’s all people always right they have from the beginning of time, as you say,

Jason Hartman 36:31
very interesting thoughts. Richard, thank you so much for joining us.

Richard Marek 36:35
My pleasure. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks a lot.

Jason Hartman 36:40
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