YW 108 – Getting Educated and Hired for Free with Robert Dickie III

YW 108 – Getting Educated and Hired for Free with Robert Dickie III

Jason Hartman talks with Robert Dickie III, President of Crown Financial Ministries, and author of The LEAP, and Love Your Work. The two discuss the impact technology has had on industries already, and what’s to come. They also discuss how a large section of people in their 30s are transitioning careers by going back to college online for free, and getting hired by some of the best companies on the planet while doing so.

Key Takeaways:

[3:04] Robert defines “stewardship” as it relates to his work in life

[4:55] We are seeing the merging of two economies. One that’s old and dying, and one that’s being born

[9:05] What is a MOOC?

[10:12] 3 websites where you can get free college education, and certification for those classes for under $100.

[13:41] How technology is disrupting everything in our lives

[16:38] Data science students are being sought after by companies like Google before they even finish their studies

18:55] A 16 year old from Mongolia aced an MIT MOOC and received a full ride to MIT in return

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