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2015 - The Jason Hartman Foundation

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YW 97 – Julia Schroeder – CreateU, Disrupting Higher Education

CreateU – An evolving, global community education program. Rising tuition cost and insufficient “real world” education programs are frustrating to young adults in the U.S. who feel forced into traditional universities. A degree or accreditation is often used as a dangling carrot to lure potential students into...

YW 91 – The Longest Distance with David Scott

Jason invites David Scott on the Young Wealth show to talk about his book The Longest Distance. David’s book teaches others about the importance of being in the present and finding happiness within. David and Jason talk about some of the key things you can learn from...

YW 89 – Do Not Invest In Bitcoin with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman sits down one on one with his Youth Wealth audience today to talk about the possibility of moving back to California, the benefits of being a renter, and why Bitcoin is a bad investment. He also shares his expertise on what’s currently happening in the...