It’s Best to be a Billionaire: Top 4

It’s Best to be a Billionaire: Top 4

medium_7050421827If you ask children what kind of house they’d like to live in when they grow up, many will answer mansion. Growing up, we’re taught to dream about being rich, to picture the house on the hill and the fancy sports car. While it happens for some of us, it’s just a dream for many others. So where are these billionaires hiding?

The US

We’ve got 515 billionaires hiding out in the Unites States, and their 2013 net worth amounts to $2,064 billion—that’s a lot of money! Around 25% of the wealthiest people in the world are located right here in American.

But even if you’re not breaking that billion dollar mark, the US might still be the place for you—Americans make up 32% of those with $30 million or more. We’ve got a lot more women with money here, too.

They’re living in California, New York, and Texas, mostly—but your billionaire buddy could be just about anywhere.


China has a lot of billionaires too, so don’t be afraid to look outside the US. There are 157 of them and their net worth is $384 billion—nothing to sneeze at!

China is constantly adding more billionaires (at least ten over the last year), though numbers reflect a lower number than is accurate because of rich residents banking off the mainland.

17% of those with $30 million or more are getting it from manufacturing.


Germany is home to 148 billionaires, whose net worth is around $432 billion. They’ve got a good economy that’s propping the Eurozone and helping recover from the financial crisis. But more than that, it’s making rich Germans.

You might know that Germany is much smaller than China—but similar numbers of the filthy rich.

The not-quite-as-rich-but-we’d-still-take-it bunch (who’ve got, including assets, $30 million to $199 million) are growing too—showing a 25% increase in net worth over the last year.

United Kingdom

Coming in a close fourth is the United Kingdom, with 135 billionaires. Their net worth is around $420 billion and they’re scattered around world financial capital (one of them) London.

They’re growing too—there are 6,400 worth more than $30 million, up 5.7% from last year. There are a few less of the richest and their net worth declines a bit, but overall, everyone is doing quite well. These numbers will very likely go up.

Jason Hartman suspects that you wouldn’t mind being among these prestigious groups—invest today!

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