How to Start Working in Social Media

How to Start Working in Social Media

medium_14029025449If your Facebook and Twitter activity has turned into a borderline addiction, you might be wise to consider a career in social media. You’re already naturally social media savvy—why not make a bit of money doing it? It’s a relatively new career path, so it’s kind of still being invented. This is great for you—you get to set a lot of the rules.

But for some, this can be overwhelming. If you’re interested in working in the social media machine, Jason Hartman’s team has a few tips.

Get an Account

If you want to work in social media, get an account with every social media service—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+. All of them. This is where you begin selling yourself to clients. If you’re unable to manage your own social media in a cohesive, useful way, they may not trust you with theirs. Demonstrate your knowledge by creating a platform that sells your talents.

Provide regular updates on all your profiles, curate material with caution, and keep all profiles up to date. Also make sure that you’re engaging with your followers or with people you follow. Talk to public figures and brands regularly, even if you aren’t always hearing back.

Work for Someone

If you’re new to social media and will be working for yourself, you’ve got to build some sort of portfolio for yourself. Ask an association you volunteer with for administrative privileges so you can practice your skills. Begin performing small social media jobs for these kinds of organizations so that you have something to put on your resume.


Just because you’ve used social media, don’t assume that you automatically know everything. Take some time to learn the tools of your trade. The internet is a wide and wonderful place, and you can easily develop a knowledge base. Then, you can continue to educate yourself as your business demands it. Look for useful applications and websites that will give you an advantage—content schedulers, tools that will cross promote content, apps to streamline your feeds.

Also familiarize yourself with how to measure your success—the client will definitely ask. Look at how successful your posts are and constantly self-evaluate. What is working? What doesn’t seem to be? Make changes to your strategy and always be flexible.

Get Your Resume in Order

A social media resume may be a little different than other resumes you’re submitting. It will likely be creative, graphic, and contain your social media handles and usernames. Put something together and start sending it out to potential clients.

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