Use Your iPhone in Ways You Never Imagined

Use Your iPhone in Ways You Never Imagined

YW0501The iPhone continues to grow in popularity—it seems like nearly everyone is carrying one these days. Sadly though, most people aren’t using them to their full potential! Jason Hartman is an iPhone expert, but are you? We’ve got a list of things to help you be more productive, business savvy, and informed.

Did you know that Siri can read your email out loud to you? This is great if you’re driving and have business to attend to but need to be safe. You can also ask questions about your email—do I have an email from Sarah? Do I have any new mail?

If you’re more of a texter, you might not know that you can actually see when each text was sent on the iPhone. Simply swipe them to the left to see a time stamp. You can also shake your phone to erase text easily (and there’s a redo button if you change your mind). If you’re trying to get a point across, double tap the shift key to type in all CAPS.

Do you like to use your calendar but get frustrated with the simplistic view? If you flip your cell phone, the horizontal view of your calendar is more detailed.

The iPhone is also useful around the house. Swiping left in the compass app will get you a level that works decently.

Holding down the camera button for a few seconds automatically enters the camera into burst mode, in which many photos are taken in quick succession. The volume button or the button on Apple earphones also takes a photograph.

If you’re particularly apt to spend money in an app once you’ve signed in (lots of games have stores, after all) or have kids who don’t yet recognize the value of your hard earned money, you can always turn off the ability to make these purchase. Go to Settings/General/Restrictions/Enable Restrictions and unclick the In-App Purchases option to save some accidental cash.

Finally, and this is our favorite tip of all, charge your iPhone in Airplane mode to get the quickest charge possible. Your phone will charge twice as fast, which is perfect if you’re out, in a hurry, or just don’t have time to wait around. (photo credit: Dustin Diaz via photopin cc)

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