Learning to Share

Learning to Share

YW0509By now, most of you are probably familiar with the sharing economy that has presented itself as of late. Sites like Airbnb and Zipcar make it a lot easier for people to pool resources, which benefits everyone. Jason Hartman is a big fan of the share system because it provides greater freedom of income for people of all ages. That equals more investments, and ultimately more income.

Until recently, the sharing economy has focused on things and not people, but that is all starting to change. Each one of us has a finite amount of time and a variety of talents that vary from person to person.

Talent sharing promises to change the way we’re all living and working—from the small business to the large one. It may be the answer to balancing work and family life too, which benefits every one of us. When we rely on the focused talents of the individual instead of the mediocre skills, we develop a workforce that is more efficient.

Currently, professional networks are relatively small, accessing a very small portion of the international talent pool. But imagine the possibilities if there existed a website, similar to Airbnb and the likes, where people could offer time and talent to one another.

A world that is connected is a world in which entrepreneurs succeed—and we like the sound of that.

Sharing economies rely on people who are passionate about what they do. Otherwise, these types of businesses fail. They also rely on people being interested in what there is to offer, which requires a careful finessing of supply and demand.

In a talent sharing economy, it will become increasingly important to be able to identify important customers—both those who contribute to the talent pool and those who draw from it. Finally, quality will become even more important. Every customer who has a good experience will come back and (more importantly) recommend the service of the site and the individual to others.

The internet has done great things to create a workforce that is potentially more qualified and more efficient. Wasted time and wasted talent are never good—and this new way of thinking gives us a hopeful look into the future.

Do you have great ideas about setting up a talent sharing site? This might be your chance to strike it rich with your talents!

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