Kill Your Laptop

Kill Your Laptop

YW0502Unless you’re trying a new business strategy in which you’re going completely unplugged, you’ll probably want to keep your laptop in fine working order. Sometimes it seems easy—use your computer in an office, don’t eat or drink nearby, regularly update and install virus protection. These are the simple answers, sure. Below we’re outlining the four easiest ways to kill your laptop and stop your productivity.

Keeping your laptop in order will ensure that you stay productive, keep current on your investments, and save a little extra cash. To protect your laptop:

Don’t Store Liquids Nearby
Maybe it sounds a little obvious, but most computer accidents happen because the computer is exposed to liquid. This is especially true for laptops, whose keyboards are connected to the computer, making the damage more devastating. If your computer does fall victim to a beverage or other liquid, turn it off, remove any attachments as well as the battery, turn it upside down to drain all liquid, and let dry before attempting to turn it on again.

Don’t Drop Your Computer
It’s actually easier than you think to drop a laptop, especially if you’re working from home and frequently changing locations because you’re less likely to take precautions for short distances. Outside surfaces can be slippery and many laptop cases and bags don’t even close. Computers can slip out and drop, causing significant (and sometimes irreparable) damage.

Don’t Use Your Lap as a Desk
When you use a computer on your lap, on a blanket, or on your bed, the computer’s vents are blocked. This causes overheating. If it happens a time or two, there isn’t much to worry about. Over time though, overheating can cause issues with the hard drive, occasionally causing total failure. A laptop desk or cooling pad works great if you want or need to work on your lap.

Don’t Use Your Laptop as a Table
Even large laptops aren’t so great when used as tables. They aren’t meant to bear a lot of weight, so try to avoid stacking things on top of them. Excessive weight can caused a cracked screen or other internal problems.

For busy professionals like Jason Hartman, a computer can be a gateway to financial success. That being said, it is probably worth protecting. If you’re likely to damage your computer, consider purchasing computer insurance meant to protect against wear and tear. (photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc)

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