Smartphone Apps to Make Your Business Better

Smartphone Apps to Make Your Business Better

YW0309Thanks to technology, we’re able to get more done—from our homes, offices, and even cars. Jason Hartman, like many of us, relies on the handy-dandy smartphone to conduct business when he’s away from his computer. But most of us aren’t operating as efficiently as we could be—hence, we present to you a list of four smartphone apps to make your business better and your life easier.

So you’ve probably used Google’s web browser on your computer, but if you’re not using it on your smartphone, you’re missing out. While it shows the same webpages as Safari or any other, it allows you to use your Google account to sign in to both your desktop and your phone. This means that you can see tabs that were open on your desktop when you left it. You’ll also be able to easily access pages you recently opened because your history is shared by both phone and desktop. Handy!

If you’re looking for an app that works well with Microsoft Office documents, look no further. This Google app allows you to open, edit, and save changes to existing documents. It’s great for quick views and minor changes and doesn’t require you to sign up for any sort of cloud storage (like many similar apps). To easily access documents remotely, check this one out.

IFTTT (If this, then that) is a great app available for the iPhone because it sets up recipes meant to save you time. You can have your phone email a particular person every time you add something to your calendar, open Dropbox when you Instagram a photo, tweet your Facebook status, notify you of birthdays. There are tons of possibilities to make your life easier. While it may be difficult to think of recipes initially, there are a lot of examples available to spark your creativity. Once it is set up, IFTTT is a huge timesaver. You can even ask to be emailed when specific things are published to the web—amazing!

This app takes complicated material and breaks it down. That is, it takes blogs, news articles, other web content and strips away everything that isn’t text or crucial images. Then, it saves them to your phone so that you can read (simply) when you’ve got time. It’s a clipping service, essentially—and you even get to choose your own font! (photo credit: DaveLawler via photopin cc)

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