Redecorating on a Budget

Redecorating on a Budget

YW0111If you’re a recent homeowner, or at least lucky enough to have the freedom to make some changes to a rental, you might be thinking about ways to improve your otherwise white walls. But all of this comes at a cost—and that’s an expensive one. While beautiful blogs and DIY magazines make it look so easy, redecorating—especially on a budget—is certainly a challenge.

If you want to get an early start (while your other Jason Hartman-approved investments make you some extra cash!) there are a few things you can do.

First, don’t go against the natural desires of your house. If you live in someplace that very obviously resembles a log cabin, you’ll probably be spending a ton of money to make it look like a modern mansion. Sticking with the natural charm of your house will provide a good (and cheap) place to begin redecorating.

Now you’ll want to locate inexpensive sources for the necessary materials. Often, friends and family will have leftover paint that they’ll be willing to give you or sell to you for well below market value. You can also buy other people’s leftovers for discount prices at places that sell paint—even Walmart. Remember, you can also have paint colors altered (or do it yourself) by mixing other colors to get the hue you want.

Fabric will also be your friend. Use it to create an inexpensive headboard, create a unique canvas, or re-cover your couch or pillows. But it’s expensive too, so be creative in acquiring it. Thrift stores often have sheets, blankets, and curtains for sale at incredible prices. Vintage style prints are trendy right now, so thrift away!

If your floors are in bad shape, you’re in for an expensive project. To decrease the cost, look on Craigslist for excess flooring others have for sale. Your friends or family may also have extra linoleum to get rid of, and while you may have a few extra seams in your floor, you’ll also have a few extra bucks.

For smaller improvements, use the wide world of the internet to discover great DIY décor options for the household on a budget. With a bottle of glue, some toilet paper rolls, and a little bit of time, you’ll be surprised by what you can create!

Do you have any of your own DIY décor solutions? Share them below.


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