Travel Now, Not Later

Travel Now, Not Later

Slide1You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of travel—how not traveling is one of their big regrets, or how one should travel, or how expensive travel can be. Each of these sentiments is likely true. Travel is rewarding and fun and undoubtedly expensive. As a young person, you may find yourself with the time but not the money, a predicament that is all too common. But now is the time—money or not.

Travel is best accomplished in youth because of the lack of obligations, financial and otherwise. When you’re young, your bills are probably less than they’re going to be, your job likely allows time off, and you’ve got the time to be away from the United States and your responsibilities for a while. You don’t have children, or clients, or a home to tend to. So what’s holding you back?

For many, it is the issue of money. With hard work and persistence, this obstacle is one that isn’t hard to overcome.

Study Abroad and Peace Corps

While they’re a little bit harder to find because universities don’t advertise or promote them as often, smaller study abroad programs are less expensive than popular European programs. For about the same (or a slightly higher) cost as the college you’re attending, you can travel to another country and learn as the locals do.

If you’ve just graduated, consider applying for a position with the Peace Corps. While you won’t be able to choose exactly where you go, you’ll get two years of travel experience and the feeling of giving back to a world larger than yourself.


Many students don’t think to look for and apply for grants, but these can be a great way to travel the world. Maybe you have a special project you’re working on (an art project, a novel) that requires research abroad.

Contact your local library or university for information about grants—many have a separate library specifically for this purpose and professionals who are trained to help you. There are also a variety of internet databases dedicated to finding and securing grants.

Extra Work

Perhaps the most straightforward option for travel money is to work extra—pick up a secondary job as a freelance writer or grab a few shifts at your campus convenience store. You might also donate plasma, which can raise about $50 per week. Ask Jason Hartman for some investment advice, and make money using money you’ve already got! Over time, this adds up—you’ll be on the road (or in the air) before you know it!(

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