Host a Better New Year's Eve Party on the Cheap

Host a Better New Year's Eve Party on the Cheap

YW1212New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that often fails to meet the heightened expectations of the holiday season, probably because we wait for it all year. You’re probably expecting this party to the best ever, greatest thing to happen to 2013. With our help, you just might throw a Jason Hartman level party of epic proportions—here’s to a great party and an even better 2014!

Reuse Your Décor
If you celebrate any sort of holiday around December or January, you’ve probably got loads of extra decorations just waiting to see the inside of your garage for another year. Instead of confining them to a dark cardboard box, use them to make your New Year’s party more festive. Add Christmas ornaments to champagne flutes (this will also help people keep track of their glass) and use wrapping paper to make festive chains.

Photo Booth
If you’re unwilling or unable to spring for a photo booth, make your own. With a digital camera, a tripod, and a few homemade photo props you’ll make sure to get an assortment of colorful photographs from everyone at the party. Throw up some old sheets or some wrapping paper, cover with glitter or sequins, provide a few fake mustaches, and bam! New Year’s photo booth fun.

Start Projecting
If you’re a student or a teacher, you can likely rent a projector and projector screen (or sheet) from your university. Use this to project your favorite New Year’s countdown and set the mood for a countdown. It’s cheap, easy, and atmosphere-building.

While hosting a party by yourself offers the advantage of not communicating with anyone, it puts all of the pressure (and cost) on you. Coordinate with a few of your friends to help throw the party and ask them to bring food and booze and invite their friends. This way, you’ll get help with everything–including cleanup!

The music is perhaps the most important part of any party because it gets people dancing, interacting, talking. It’s a big responsibility, and one you might feel uncomfortable with. You might try asking people to put together playlists or cds for you to play. You could also use a music service like Spotify to make or steal playlists from other people. Making the music a collaborative effort ensures a lot of (mostly) happy guests.

If you’re hosting a party of just attending one, remember to have a safe and happy New Year—we’ll see you in 2014!

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