Hitting it Big: 3 Surprisingly Rich Americans

Hitting it Big: 3 Surprisingly Rich Americans

YW0103Forbes estimates that the combined wealth of the world’s billionaires is now at 5.4 trillion—a pretty big number if you’re just a working stiff like us! While we’d all love to win the lottery and join their ranks, it’s probably not going to happen. Instead, we’re focusing, as Jason Hartman does, on building our wealth by making sound and diverse investments. Maybe you’ll get lucky with a simple investment like these surprising folks below! Read on to learn how these people began living caviar dreams!

Rick Norsigian
Rick stopped by a yard sale in 2000 and found himself drawn to a $45 set of glass negatives that turned out to likely be the lost negatives of famed photographer Ansel Adams. The negatives are valued at around $200 million and are suspected (though not proven) to be authentic. Regardless, Norsigian has been selling prints made from them since their acquisition. After a bit of legal trouble, he was forced to amend his website to suggest that they may not be authentic. Still, his tiny investment has really paid off!

Kelly Flatley and Brendan Synnott
In college, Kelly Flatley often made her own granola because she felt that what was on the market was lacking. In a rented commercial kitchen space, she and high school friend Brendan Synnott made larger batches and gave birth to the Bear Naked brand of granola and cereal. Kellogg purchased the company and made Flatley and Synnot rich. They credit much of their success to social media.

Devon Rifkin
When 23 year old Devon Rifkin worked for his father’s store supplying store fixtures to retail stores, he noticed that clients often purchased hangers for their business and their homes. After borrowing $30,000, he started a business that focused on the production and sale of hangers. The hangers range from normal to special, and the business also includes garment racks and steamers. The company reached $8 million in annual sales—now that’s something to hang your hat on!

By working hard to manage their unique and exciting ideas, these Americans were able to establish businesses and achieve their dreams. From the accidental to the self-made, these small investments managed to pay off in a big way for these everyday Americans—what are you doing to join the ranks of the young and powerful? Share your businesses, business ideas, or stories of building and managing wealth below!(http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/464206775/)

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