Vegas on a Budget

Vegas on a Budget

Slide1If you’re living in the United States, chances are you’re experiencing massive cold—air so frigid it hurts to breath, snow blanketing your windshield every morning. If you’re one of the lucky ones living in a southern state or have otherwise found a way to escape the chilly air, good job! Otherwise, you’re likely feeling ready for a vacation. Lucky for you, there’s a place that’s always warm (as long as you don’t leave the casinos)—Vegas!

Getting There

And it isn’t too expensive for those of us on a budget. If you want to experience Las Vegas, begin by organizing transportation. You’ll probably want to fly, and even this is an affordable option. Look for flights on airlines like Spirit and Allegiant—you’ll pay for even a carry-on and all in-flight beverages, but you’ll save on the overall price of your ticket.

Once you’re on the ground, head toward the back of the airport, where you’ll find access to the public bus. Travel by shuttle, taxi, and limo are all expensive. If you’re headed for the strip, hop on the WAX for only $2 and you’ll be there in no time.


If you’re eating your meals in Vegas, you’re going to be spending a bit of money. To save, focus on eating off the strip. Take a side street a few blocks, and you’ll notice meal prices drop substantially. You can also take the WAX ($2) to Freemont Street, where restaurant prices are much cheaper. If you want to stay on the strip, expect to pay $20 or so for an average tasting entre and $30 for casino buffets, which are good but pricey. For snacks, lunches, or breakfasts (or a cheap dinner) hit up one of the food courts found in every hotel. You’ll notice prices are higher than typical chains, but much cheaper overall. McDonald’s even has a dollar menu (though it is substantially smaller).


If you’re planning on consuming an adult beverage or two while in Vegas, know that you shouldn’t have to pay for them. All casinos offer cocktails, beer, and wine to people gambling. Table games ensure prompt service (even $5 blackjack), though many casinos, even the nice ones, will provide drink service to those on the slot machines. You can spend $1 on a machine and $1 on a tip—much better than the $7 beers available elsewhere.

If you’re having trouble finding service, go to the Best Western Casino Royale for $1 beers and friendly service. Their food court also boasts $1.99 foot long hotdogs that are decent, especially for the price.

Who knows—maybe you’ll strike it rich and have money to invest (Jason Hartman has free advice on that topic on this blog), and maybe you’ll break even. Either way, Vegas is a fun and slightly warmer place to spend a long weekend away! (

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