Building a New Grid for the Next Generation

Building a New Grid for the Next Generation

YW - Jason Hartman Income Property Investing (2)It’s easy to complain about the government. More rare, however, is the ability to conceive a plan of how to implement an alternative and then actually do it. That’s where the Seasteading Institute comes into play. This non-profit organization exists for the purpose of developing plans for the construction of floating cities with independent governments created by the citizens who live there. We may be off the mark here, but we’re guessing there won’t be an HOA in sight.

Here’s a vision statement from

“At the Seasteading Institute, we work to enable seasteading communities – floating cities – which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for government. The most successful can then inspire change in governments around the world.”

The obvious question besides – “Are they off their medications?” – is whether or not such a bold idea is even feasible technologically, legally, and financially. We’re kidding with the “medications” remark because Jason Hartman is a big fan of any new way of thinking that might be able to turn around this train wreck and bloated carcass our American federal government has become.

In fact, you might recall another band of pioneers who cast off the chains of oppressive government, headed out to sea, and eventually established an innovative government on distant shores for themselves back in 1776. They were the Founding Fathers and called their little experiment the United States of America. As we near the 250-year mark since the Constitution was ratified, even the most ardent patriot must acknowledge how far we’ve drifted from our roots. The price paid has been a loss of equality, freedom, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Seasteading Institute hopes to stop the decay by motivating today’s pioneers to head out to an artificial island and figure out a better way to tend to the business of governing ourselves.

An obvious question is would a seastead eventually seek international recognition as a sovereign state? In short, heck yeah! That’s the whole point. The eventual goal is for these oceanic communities to be self-sufficient and exist on equal political footing as the other nations’ of the world. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating project, read the FAQ page at the Seasteading Institute’s website.

The Young Wealth team is of the firm opinion that something needs to change in a big way and maybe a seastead is the answer. If you’re interested in the subject, don’t forget to sign up for the Institute’s newsletter while you’re there. (Image: Flickr | DFF_Design_Evelyn A. Kamilaki)

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