3 Types of Holiday Gift Givers

3 Types of Holiday Gift Givers

Slide1Like it or not, the season of Christmas giving is upon us. For many, this marks an exciting and fun time of year, a time of happy faces and shopping and Christmas Starbucks flavors. For others, it is the dreaded season—that of crowds and congested parking spaces and shopping for people who have everything anyway. Chances are, there are several types of gift givers in your family and friend circles.

The Homemade Giver

This category can go one of two ways for the receiver of the gift, depending on the skill level of the gift giver. If the maker of gifts knows what people like and is capable of replicating it, this is a great option. If, however, the maker of gifts isn’t quite up to par on crocheting but tries it anyway and throws together a scarf in a discount yarn color for a person who is always hot, it isn’t great.

If you’re crafty or good in the kitchen, making gifts can be a great way to save money this holiday season. Consider the individual along side your own talents, and make something they’ll be happy to have. The best gifts reflect thought, after all.

The All-Out Shopper

If you’re on the receiving end of these givers, consider yourself lucky. You know these people—they’re standing eagerly in line on Black Friday and can’t wait to buy iPods and televisions for everyone on their list. Money is likely not an issue for them, or they won’t allow it to be.

This style of gift giving is fun if you’re able—if you’ve made smart investments during the year or have had an otherwise successful year financially, this can be a fun way to spend your money!

The “Let’s Draw Names” Person

Every year, you’re either sending or receiving this email—you know the one (Dear Jason, or Dear Mr. Hartman, let’s draw names this Christmas!). This person is undoubtedly enthusiastic, and rightfully so—they’ll likely receive a great gift and only have spent a little money. It’s a great option for friends or families with lots of people and less money, and includes everyone.

The downside is that you may draw the name (or have your own name drawn) by someone you’re not that excited about buying a gift for. Still, this is a great way to save some money around the holidays but still participate in the season of giving.

No matter your gift giving style, you’ll find a way to get festive this season!(http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjanducci/4212320828/)

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