3 Types of Investments to Consider

3 Types of Investments to Consider

Slide1This year is quickly drawing to a close (Jason Hartman can hardly believe it’s the end of November!) and that’s got a lot of people thinking about their investment portfolio. Maybe you’re already knee-high in the investment game, or maybe you’re just beginning to think about ways you might enter it—either way, the beginning of 2014 marks the perfect time to broaden your financial horizons.

To begin, search for causes that have the potential to become investments you believe in. That is, people and products that clearly align with your values. You’ll feel better about putting your money into these things and be more likely to stick with them. Here are three kinds of innovative investments that just might fit these criteria!

First, consider crowdfunding. In this type of investing, you choose a specific cause you believe in and give money to it by way of a platform like Kickstarter. You’re able to choose innovative, interesting projects to contribute to, and you generally get some type of gift (depending on the investment) in return. It’s a great way to see an investment blossom from the ground up, while contributing to the small businessperson who shares your vision.

Next, think about impact investing, which varies from socially responsible investing and charitable donations, but still embodies some of those same principles. Impact investing (a form of equity investing) is usually environmentally or social improvement based and seeks some sort of investor return. Instead of participating in the investment market, individuals who chose this form of investing typically desire investments that show obvious improvement to the world around them.

Finally, sustainable investments combine the two forms of investing listed above. By incorporating environmental, social, and governmental sustainability into decisions made about investments, value is created for the investor. This type of investment allows investors to be proactive about causes they care about, while enhancing their investment portfolio.

There are of course many other ways one might choose to invest—but more and more, these investments are reflecting a passion or belief of the money-holder. As you begin to think about your portfolio in the upcoming year, take a moment to clarify what it is you’d like to be reflected in the ways you choose to spend money. Make investments that are responsible and right for you, and watch as your money and pride grow and grow. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kk/4723116034/)

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