Make Siri Work for You

Make Siri Work for You

Slide1These days, it seems like everyone has a smart phone—specifically ubiquitous is the iPhone. And while most iPhone owners are quick to download apps that provide hours of entertainment or assist in professional dealings, Apple’s Siri tends to be underutilized. But, while she’s capable of answering a multitude of questions with hilarious responses, Siri also has the potential to make life a little bit easier.

First, initiate the “Raise to Speak” function so that Siri’s voice comes through your earpiece when you lift the phone but are not making a call. This way, you look a little less awkward when seeking her assistance. Next, give Siri a little extra information to help her help you. Telling her things like “Jason Hartman is my teacher” allow you to easily connect with people. The next time you want to call Jason Hartman, assuming he’s saved in your contacts, you’ll need only to say “call my teacher”—and Siri will! You can also edit contacts by adding phonetic spellings or nicknames so that the voice inside your phone knows immediately who you’re talking about.

If you’re someone who uses your phone’s calendar, utilize Siri to add events by simply asking her to. She knows if there’s a schedule conflict, and will ask questions for clarification, even sending an email to others you wish to invite to the meeting. You can ask her what you’ve got scheduled for the day or easily cancel appointments.

If you’re trying to drive and conduct business or send personal correspondence, Siri is here to help. She’ll text anyone for you, reply to a text, or read your incoming texts aloud to you. She understands “check email” and will vocalize your new messages. You can instruct her to reply—“send email to Jason about Austin, Texas and say I wish you luck at your property tour.” And Siri will.

One of the coolest things Siri can do is send reminders based on your location. First, enable Siri to access your location. Next, ask her to remind you anything you want. “Siri, remind me to buy coffee when I leave the house.” Because she knows your location and when you’re leaving it, a reminder will pop up when she recognizes that you’re leaving. It’s also helpful for remembering errands on the way home from work.

Remember, Siri becomes more useful as she becomes more familiar with your dialect and accent. To speed up this process, you can also manually correct her. She’ll underline in blue words that she misheard or has difficulty understanding—just tap on them and set her straight.

Of couse, Siri is great for answering the greater questions of the universe—what is the meaning of life? – elicits quite a response—but she’s also here to serve you. Be patient and she’ll be your friend for life. (

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