Promote Your Business With Simple Link Building

Promote Your Business With Simple Link Building

Slide1As a person interested in business, you probably know that the Internet is now everything. Our first and last means of communication, an easy way to promote a new product or recreate hype for an old one. Jason Hartman believes that we are fortunate to live in such an interesting technological time, should we be wise enough to take advantage of it.

As a young business owner (or potential business owner) getting the most out of the Internet will require a bit of effort and know-how. Fortunately, the Internet exists! And, in conjunction with the advice of Jason Hartman and team, will provide you with a few basics.

Get your name circulating in the blogosphere
You may have heard people talking about things like Domain Authority?a measurement of the number of root domains linking to different pages on your website. The hope is that these things will occur naturally because you are continually updating your company site with useful, relevant, original material.

If you find yourself struggling, consider asking site owners if you might guest post (but remember that the sites should always be relevant to your industry). They?ll usually allow you to link back to your own blog, which will drive traffic to your site and increase Google?s opinion of you. You?ll also become more familiar with your industry, flex your writing muscles, and build an online writing portfolio.

Become a resource
If you?re running a real estate business, you provide an automatic resource to your clients. You have housing available and they?re likely looking for it. Make contacts throughout the web by outreaching to different organizations with resource pages. Ask if they might include your rental property in their list of places to look for housing. Internship sites, college sites, and pet sites (assuming you, as a property manager, allow pets) are great places to start, as they often have directories and resource pages.

For some businesses, it may be more difficult to become a resource. In these cases, creativity is required. Make a page for your site that is valuable in some way?for example, if you sell birdfeeders, include a migration tracker as part of your site. Offer value in exchange for the inclusion of your link.

Be sincere in your intentions. Never seek inclusion as a guest blogger or on a resource page with the express intent of grabbing a link and increasing your traffic/domain authority. Instead, use it as a chance to build relationships within your community, familiarize yourself with new industries, and become a little more web-savvy!

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