Creating a Great Website

Creating a Great Website

Slide1One of the first steps in establishing a great business is building a credible and professional website. By creating a great online presence, you have the potential to advertise your business, make money online, and build a resource for your tenants or customers that best meets their needs?and is convenient for you.

If you?re a young investor, chances are that you?re designing your own website. To be successful, make sure that each title tag is unique and includes your business name. Keep them informative, punchy, and accurate. Write meta descriptions that follow similar rules. Make the URL simple and short, and try and link your pages in such a way that they can be accessed in no more than three clicks from your homepage. Focus on developing anchor text that utilizes your identified keywords and links to pages that may be deeper in your webpage.

Next, focus on developing great content for your page. Google robots rank pages in a variety of ways (that even Jason Hartman doesn?t know)?but we do know that it likes unique content of at least 300 words. Write new things, and never plagiarize. Your blog articles should never appear more than once, even if it is within your own blog or blogs. By writing articles that are interesting to you, you increase the likelihood that others will read and share them?key to your business suceess. Update regularly to build your online portfolio, and expand whenever possible. You may notice that Jason Hartman has podcasts, pictures, PDFs, etc. Diversity is key in investment and web design.

Use images when possible?this way, your content can be shared effectively on social media sites. Finally, be sure to promote your website and articles on your own social media, and encourage your friends, fans, and customers to do the same. Right now, Google doesn?t appear to recognize links from social media, but experts predict that perhaps it will. Regardless, social media provides an excellent chance to promote your products, articles, and business.

Visually, consider websites that you admire. Why do you like them? Are they effective? Identify these qualities and do your best to model your site after them. Where could they improve? Answer these questions and make yours even better!

The internet has proven it isn?t going anywhere?by designing a website that is well optimized, you provide a valuable service and resource to your clients. Luckily, the internet is full of useful tools and html generators to help you create a site that will serve you well. Be creative, be resourceful, be excited to embark on your new adventure! (

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