Give 'Em the (Twitter) Bird

Give 'Em the (Twitter) Bird

Slide1Anyone who find themselves active on Twitter knows how quickly news spread?word of Bin Laden?s death hit this social media outlet before television was even reporting it. Twitter is, for many, the best way to receive up to the minute news on an assortment of devices we?re carrying with us anyway. Thanks to phones and iPads, most of us have access to up-to-the-minute news accounts, photos, and even video.

Twitter has the potential to grow your business, no matter the type. By opening a free account, you have the potential to reach a lot of people in 140-character bursts. It doesn?t take much for something to go viral?a cool video, a controversial article, or a provocative photo begin generating buzz almost immediately. Through retweets and favorites, your brand spiderwebs across the Internet.

Jason Hartman has a few ideas for effective Tweeting (you can find them here), but we have a few more suggestions to get you noticed!

Content is King

Twitter is all about being clever?a catchy headline might draw attention, but if it links to unreadable content, your followers will be quick to catch on. If you?re trying to draw attention to your website and increase traffic, creating quality content that is regularly updated is key. That being said?

People Love Lists

There?s a reason that Buzzfeed is so popular, generating, well?so much buzz. They rely on the list format for articles and links, and it works. Articles like ?16 Things Walter White Has Done on Breaking Bad? are interesting and appeal to many.?While your content may not be as inherently interesting, making an attempt to appeal to your readership will go a long way. Remember, people like originally, funny, unique.

At the Language Level

Construct a tweet (and, if you?re linking to an article this applies to that too) that utilizes strong verbs and active language. You only have 140 characters?make them count!?Pay special attention in your tweets to spelling and grammar, too. You?ve got a short while to prove yourself to a potential audience, and any mistakes here will reflect poorly on your blog or business and may reduce potential clicks.

Engage With Your Community

If you?re constantly tweeting and people are taking notice, spend a moment taking notice of their content too. A retweet or favorite can serve as an endorsement (or, at the very least) an acknowledgment. Follow those (or at least some of those) who follow you, and occasionally take notice of their relevant tweets. Or, if you disagree, engage in a discussion.?If someone sends you a direct message or mentions you, take the time to reply. Coming across as a human is vital to your social media success, so be human and be kind. (photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino?? via photopin cc)

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