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February 2013 - The Jason Hartman Foundation

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Corporate Housing – Upscale Income Property Investing

Mobile home parks. Self-storage lots. Residential housing. Commercial housing. These are just some of the ways investors can approach income property investing. But there’s one strategy we haven’t spent much time discussing and, truth be told, it’s a pretty big industry, to the tune of about $2.5...

Has the Middle Class Checked Out of the Economy?

If the strength of the middle class is synonymous with the strength of America – gulp – we could be in trouble. Judging from the amount of lip service paid to the topic by the talking head, empty suit candidates in the recent presidential election, we might...

Overseas Investing Not All You Might Think

Overseas investing is not quite the panacea of profit some financial television cable networks might have you believe. There are a few good deals, though not as many as you might have heard. American investors trying to access these markets find themselves operating at a severe disadvantage....