YW 43 – Extreme Entrepreneurship with Sheena Lindahl

YW 43 – Extreme Entrepreneurship with Sheena Lindahl

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Jason Hartman is joined by President and Co-Founder of Empact, Sheena Lindahl, to talk about the growth of entrepreneurship in young people and Empact’s Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, which supports and showcases entrepreneurs age 30 and under. Sheena talks about the misperception that most entrepreneurial businesses are in the field of IT, making it clear that there are numerous other career fields out there that people should consider.

She stresses the importance of testing ideas and shares some of the top startup methods. Throughout the years of her company, one thing she has noticed is that most companies evolve considerably from the original idea, offering something much different from the original plan. “I think that one thing that entrepreneurs would specifically recommend is being really open to watching what’s happening and not getting so stuck to that original idea that you can’t pivot away from it,” advises Sheena.

Using creative financial strategies, Sheena Lindahl became financially independent from her parents at the age of 17 – paying for her own $30,000+ yearly tuition at New York University, excelling in school, working full time at jobs that she loved, and co-founding a business. Before joining the Tour, Sheena managed the due diligence process at GreenHills Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests $1.5 to $5 million in promising early stage high-growth companies.

She was a lead teacher at Project R.E.A.D., a nonprofit organization that improves the reading levels of inner-city elementary school children. In 2005, Sheena graduated from New York University with a major in Communication Studies. In 2006, Sheena was named by Business Week as one of the country’s top 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25 and profiled in USA Today, on the AOL homepage, and on CBS, NBC and ABC.