Creating Wealth and Security for the Future

Creating Wealth and Security for the Future

With inflation coming close, the average investor may be wondering how to create wealth and security for the future. Keep reading to learn how to get started.

Inflation, Deflation, and History

In the 1970's, inflation was beginning to get ugly and the U.S. government began to engage in larger scale price controls. Luckily, the 80's and 90's arrived, just in time, and the economic tide turned. Free trade agreements became the new order of the

day, and we graciously exported our inflation to other countries, while importing their deflation. Suddenly, border states like Arizona, Texas and California, began to complain about border control.

The truth was – and remains – the government doesn't want to control the border, no matter what some politicians say, because it is the prime source of  inexpensive labor for our economy. Without it, prices would rise even faster than they already are. Except the inflation imported from Mexico, China, and India, has had the short term affect of keeping our prices artificially low. Unfortunately, thanks to this reality, we've been losing jobs.

Inflation is Coming Back

What we need to recognize from this history lesson is inflation is coming back. Though it's not here yet, it's on its way, and we need to prepare for it. Jason Hartman believes investors are in a position to trade dollars for more money through packaged commodities to protect future wealth.

When it comes to the packaged commodity of income property, there's the land, and there's the property sitting on top of the land. To

make the most from an investment, it's important to make the “land