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July 2012 - The Jason Hartman Foundation

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Residential Investing Also Includes Mobile Homes

While Young Wealth has been of the opinion for a long time that single family residential housing is the best investment around, hands down, don’t forget that the definition of single family housing also includes mobile homes. In fact, mobile homes might provide better cash flow, dollar...

Invest in Proper E-mail Etiquette

We usually devote our time here at Young Wealth to discussing the pros and cons of various asset classes: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, real estate. What sometimes goes under-recognized is the importance of investing in the proper way to compose a business e-mail. Yes, we...

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Student Loan Default Rates

These days, rare is the student who manages to graduate from college without a healthy amount of loans following him or her into the workplace, or down into Mom and Dad’s basement, given the reality of the Obama economy. Borrowing money from the government for educational expenses...