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March 2012 - The Jason Hartman Foundation

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The Young Wealth Guide to the Billionaires Club

Wanna be a billionaire when you grow up? While we’re not foolish enough to make any promises, the chances are better now than they’ve ever been. Consider the following. Forbes.com just released its annual list of the world’s billionaires, and each year millions of us can’t help...

3 Steps to Open a Real Estate IRA

If you’re not too impressed with the world of administrator directed IRA accounts, welcome to the club. More often than not, you can expect limited investment choices focused mainly on Wall Street stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Lately, the stock market has exhibited a dizzying tendency to...

Why Uncle Sam Hopes You NEVER Stop Smoking

Some day you’ll be all grown up, by present day standards this occurs some time after your 40th birthday, and you’re going to have to start thinking about where to live the rest of your life, geographically speaking. If, like some of us, you aren’t a carefree...