YW 37 – An Engaging Discussion on Public Policies with Katie Kieffer

YW 37 – An Engaging Discussion on Public Policies with Katie Kieffer

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews national journalist and commentator, Katie Kieffer regarding the importance of being involved in public policy to protect business owners and capitalism. Katie tells her story as to how she became involved in the liberal/conservative movement, starting with publishing a conservative editorial newspaper that caused a lot of controversy. This was the beginning of her work with giving young people a voice and helping them become involved in the important issues of our time.

Katie discusses the importance of being properly informed and becoming involved in public policy. One subject that Jason and Katie explore is “carried interest,” how large of a role it plays in building large projects and providing employment. Katie feels that our current administration attacks the white collar industries and the wealthy, which ultimately hurts everyone, slowing everything down. Katie also shares her views on the economic crisis, feeling it started with the government via bad regulations, opening the door for corruption on Wall Street.

Katie Kieffer is a national columnist and political commentator. Her multimedia website is KatieKieffer.com.  She writes a column for TownHall.com every Monday. Katie has a background in journalism, multimedia entrepreneurship, public speaking and commercial real estate. Due to her diverse experiences, Katie is a popular public speaker for college campuses and professional conferences across the country. Katie is a frequent guest on local and national radio shows to discuss her viewpoints on young professionals. Katie graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas. As a college freshman, she wrote an opinion column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. During her sophomore year of college, Katie founded, edited and published a nationally recognized student journal of thought and opinion called the St. Thomas Standard. Katie also developed a comprehensive website for the newspaper so that all of the articles were available online. Katie has over six years of experience in commercial real estate.

Before launching into multimedia, Katie worked for NorthMarq Real Estate Services. She chaired a National NAIOP Young Professionals Forum of rising stars in commercial real estate and traveled across the country learning about different geographic business climates and development trends. Katie also chaired the NAIOP Minnesota Developing Leaders and was recognized as NAIOP’s Volunteer of the Year in 2007.

Katie is a LEED Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Katie balances conservation and profitability considerations when discussing sustainability. Katie has traveled abroad and she currently researches the needs and challenges that young professionals face across the globe. Katie conducts interviews of both experienced and young professionals and showcases these on her website to inspire other young people to think innovatively, whether they work within a large corporation or are interested in starting their own ventures.