Young Workers Turn to – Farming!?

Young Workers Turn to – Farming!?

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and everything comes around again. Perhaps nowhere is the truism of these statements seen more than in the growing number of young workers choosing to eschew the lure of the corporate world and dream of a corner office in exchange for a return to the land. But why are twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings taking to farming with such a vengeance? A recent article at hypothesized a couple of reasons.

Dwindling Corporate Benefits
Not so long ago, college graduates targeted the corporate world. Pay and benefits were good, job security was high, and the incumbent stress and time away from home simply considered the price to be paid. Then a funny thing happened. We entered a global recession. Young and old workers alike found themselves laid off en masse while, at the same time, retirement benefits shrank, and stock options seemed more like a joke than something you would actually want. Take away the attraction of corporate employment (high pay and job security) and what are you left with? Umm…nothing? Newsflash to corporate headhunters: Nobody really likes office melodrama and 60 hour workweeks.

Rise of Organic Eating
At some point in the past few decades, Americans began to slowly realize that the chemical-laden junk food shoveled into their laps at their favorite drive-thru or tossed onto grocery shelves by Big Food was a first class ticket to an early grave. People began to look around and notice friends and relatives dropping like flies from an assortment of food-induced ailments: heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity. Some of us began to care about what we put into our mouth. Voila! The rise and increasing popularity of organic farming.

The reality is that the demand for locally grown and organic food has seen a slow, steady rise, even during the recent economic downturn. Young people are starting to remove themselves from the rat race and put on work boots. With more than 60% of our nation’s farmers over 55 years of age, this is good news for food eaters everywhere. Do you want the entire food production and supply of the United States to be reliant on gigantic firms like Monsanto? The very idea makes us a little bit nervous.

Not only is the younger generation of workers showing a growing love of working with their hands, they also are taking to the idea of self-employment. Farming. It

might be worth a second look.

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