Obama Investing in "Useful Idiots" Again

Obama Investing in "Useful Idiots" Again

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you have to be stupid too. Whether or not the phrase “useful idiots” was ever actually uttered or written by Vladimir Lenin, former Communist revolutionary and first leader of the Soviet Union, is open to

some debate. What isn’t in question is the susceptibility of the younger generation to be swayed towards one ideology or another, often without truly understanding the concepts in question. Let’s look at an historical example.

Third Reich
Adolph Hitler rode the coattails of the fervent German youth as they revolted against anything and everything that had come before. Considering the country had recently lost World War I AND suffered through a hideous economic period of hyperinflation, who could blame the younger generation for being a out of sorts when it came to trusting anyone over thirty? While the rest of the politicians went about business as usual, Hitler focused on tapping and turning all that youthful energy to his own cause. These “useful idiots” swept the man into power. Six million dead Jews later, his reign of terror mercifully came to an end.

But what does President Obama’s recession have to do with the price of idiocy in America? It goes something like this. Remember how the drive-by media “ohhed” and “ahhed” over the man’s ability to tap into younger voters, making huge inroads into that voting bloc via the Internet? Republic opponent, John McCain, was much less effective when it came to capturing young votes. Result: president who does not hold traditional American values in high regard.

Was Obama tapping into a whole herd of useful idiots back in 2008 and will he do so again in 2012 when he runs for election? Oh, almost certainly. The better question is will it work again? There’s a good chance. We at Young Wealth aren’t here to tell you which candidate to vote for when the time comes around, but do beg and plead that you not function as a useful idiot. Learn the issues. Know the candidates. Look at America and place our present state of existence in some sort of historical context.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? If so, congratulations. There are a whole bunch of your fellow Americans who can’t make that claim. While we’re always in favor of hope and change, especially when compared to the opposite – hopelessness and stagnation – take a moment to consider what you’re actually getting in return for all those lofty, vague phrases.

A stronger America, or a diminishing superpower?

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