How To Survive The Never-Ending Recession

How To Survive The Never-Ending Recession

There is one way to insure that you’ll never get ahead in this world, and that is to rely on the government for your lifestyle. To us, it seems that this should be one of those self-evident truths but it appears that a number of Americans have trouble wrapping their brain around this concept. What are we even talking about? What is this stream of gobbledygook streaming across your monitor?

Here’s the point. The only way to get ahead – really get ahead – in love, life, or business is to take matters in your own hands. If you’re out of work, are you waiting around for Mr. Obama to wave a magic wand and suddenly decrease the jobless rate by a few percentage points? We certainly hope not because it’s obvious he’s in over his head in HIS job. But it doesn’t even matter which president or political party is in power.

Don’t make the terrible mistake of deriving your life’s progress from the aimless machinations of those in power. Need a job? Get out there every single day and beat the streets until you find one. Meanwhile, are you working to create your own business? Why not? Millionaires were made during the Great Depression and Great Recession by people who simply refused to participate in the “woe is me” mantra being chanted all around.

So what if there’s 10% unemployment? That means 9 out of 10 are employed. That’s 90%! We’d take those odds

any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The point is that America was founded on a spirit of rugged individualism, which has been diluted by a wave of namby pamby whiners of late. Maybe your mortgage is upside down, you got laid off, your teenage daughter is pregnant, and your wife has cancer. Those are formidable obstacles and we wouldn’t wish such a nightmarish string of bad luck on anyone, but no matter what your story is, you have two options – deal with it or lay down and whine.

And though whining is always an option, it wastes your breath and accomplishes nothing. Why not ignore the doomsayers and recessionaires and simply live your life the best you can. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got. Make the best of it. Here’s the best tip we can think of for feeling better about the state of affairs in the world. Stop watching the evening news and cable television!

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