YW 34 – Unleashing the Power of Social Media with Austin Walsh

YW 34 – Unleashing the Power of Social Media with Austin Walsh

The social media world is ever-changing and expanding, providing individuals and businesses with more and more opportunities and tactics to reach their audience and/or customers.  Join Jason Hartman and iSocial Academy guru, Austin Walsh, as they explore the best approaches and recommended resources to achieve exceptional marketing results using today’s most popular social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

When Social Media expert Austin Walsh speaks, people listen—and with good reason.  Walsh is a social media guru and has produced exceptional results for celebrities like Mark Victor Hansen, best-selling author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”; Gary Goldstein,Producer and Director of Pretty Woman; and Stephen Pierce, Celebrity Internet Marketer, just to name a few.  Austin Walsh is the son of world renowned speaker Bill Walsh and is definitely a chip off the old block.

A Chicago native, at the age of 18, Walsh has amassed great wealth as well as created a personal brand that surpasses most seasoned marketing experts.  As CEO of iSocial Academy, Walsh has created what he calls “iHit17” which is a “17-minute Social Media Hit List”, that allows you to build and easily maintain your personal brand and Social Media network. Austin started his career by developing local bands MySpace pages in the Chicago area, bringing in 200 to 1200 attendants—all without spending a dime and using social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  After many successful events, Austin’s father’s colleagues took notice and asked him to do the same for them—create a Facebook page that not only increases their followers but also brings in revenue.  The great thing about his concept is that your followers are people who actually want to receive information from you—unlike a mailing list.

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