YW 33 – DNA of the Young Entrepreneur with Sean McCauley

YW 33 – DNA of the Young Entrepreneur with Sean McCauley

Jason Hartman and author and entrepreneur Sean McCauley discuss what it takes for young entrepreneurs to make it in business today. Sean’s book, DNA of the Young Entrepreneur: A Way to Wealth for Young Entrepreneurs, provides young adults with the understanding of what success requires. Sean talks about his own path to success, the lessons learned along the way, and the principles required to be successful, including the sort of attitude and commitment required to get there.

Sean is a wunderkind – with the strength and determination to succeed at whatever he does. A young entrepreneur, he was raised in rural poverty and has lifted himself to wealth in the millions through his service, import, and real estate portfolios. The intensity, commitment, and preparation that Sean demonstrates provide practical starting points for anyone who wishes to become wealthy.

Though still in his late 30’s, Sean has become successful in business many times over, with accomplishments such as SBA’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the San Francisco Bay Area’s Most Successful Under-40 Recognition. He has sufficient self-awareness and analytical abilities to clearly describe the principles and practices that have contributed to his success, so that others can follow where he has led.

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