Does Your Favorite Business Guru Tweet?

Does Your Favorite Business Guru Tweet?

The Young Wealth ShowWho ever would have thought the average up-and-comer would have the chance to tune into the latest musings from some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of or time – FREE! No high-priced seminar, out-of-date book or media filters needed. Instant access to the almost real-time thoughts pulsing through these incredible brains are the value added product of Web 2.0 and the ridiculously fast rise of social media. Need to talk to a business guru? There’s a good chance they’re tweeting on Twitter or changing their status on Facebook and, even if they can’t respond to every request from every follower personally, business wannabes can tune in any time for insight.

Here are a few you might want to pay attention to.

1. Mark Suster (MSuster on Twitter): Suster is an acknowledged expert in the early stage development of a tech company. He’s also good at selling them and making lots of moolah in the process. Suster’s Twitter account holds links to all his blogs and he even includes interesting responses.

2. Richard Branson (RichardBranson): Quirky? Yes. Brilliantly driven? Yes. Branson is the head of the Virgin group (airlines, music, etc) and a heavy Twitter user. Plus he likes to interact with followers, which is a bonus for those looking to learn a thing or three.

3. Cindy Ratzlaff (BrandYou): Ratzlaff specializes in building personal brands and Twitter is her tool of choice. Her incisive marketing tips and buzz building strategies constantly circulate among her 18,000 followers.

Another guy you might want to track is Fred Wilson (FredWilson). This leading Twitter investor is very well connected and an excellent conduit to keeping up with what is going on in business. As might be expected, Wilson tweets all day, every day. Got a favorite business guru? Find them Twitter or Facebook and get busy learning from the best.

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