Succeed With Time-Tested Investing Strategies

Succeed With Time-Tested Investing Strategies

investing strategiesWhen it comes to investing strategies, better to stick with the age old wisdom than jump on the newest flash-in-the-pan idea. New and different doesn’t automatically equate to better. After you’ve made your money, then it’s okay to put a small chunk on a crazy new scheme. Better yet, take it to Vegas, have some real fun, and maybe get a free lobster dinner.

The first exchange that approximated today’s stock market appeared in Belgium in 1531. Since then, successful practitioners of the art and science of the stock trade can tell you a few things. Whether you listen or, better yet, incorporate them into your own investing strategies remains to be seen. The following simple statements are the wisdom of the ages when it comes to participating in financial markets.

1. Time is Money: This means invest early and hang on for a long time. According to research by the Wharton School of Business, since 1802 a broad market portfolio would never have lost money for a stretch longer than 17 years. The short version ? buy and hold.

2. Diversify: So utterly boring to contemplate but so intrinsically true. Sectors and entire industries rise and fall. So far, the only sure bet has been that the United States economy will continue to grow, sometimes fitfully and only after wicked pullbacks but always moving forward. If you guess wrong on this one, your portfolio will be the least of your concerns.

3. Gambling is not investing: Young whippersnappers sometimes think they have a gift for stock picking. Actually it’s called being delusional. Old timers know the market goes where it wants to go. Smart money hangs on for the ride.

There you have it. Nearly five hundred years of market wisdom wrapped up in three neat little investing strategies. Now go forth and conquer the world. Of course, there’s more to it than this but at least you’re facing in the right direction now.

The Young Wealth Team

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