Make Money Young For When America Dies

Make Money Young For When America Dies

make money youngAt Young Wealth, we love America as much as anyone else but there’s one small piece of historical data that disturbs us ? our nation will fail. One truth in this life besides death and taxes is that no nation lasts forever. We tend to become shortsighted and full of ourselves and think that we’ll be the first. Here’s a newsflash. We won’t. America will fail. Might be today, tomorrow, or in a hundred years. Maybe right as you’re moving into the prime of your life!

Don’t get depressed about it and start yammering though; instead create a plan to make money young and go somewhere else if the roof caves in. We hear Central America is nice this time of year (and any other). Seriously, places like Costa Rica, Panama, and even Nicaragua are drawing American expatriates like flies. What’s not to like? Tropical weather, low prices, affordable property.

A retired couple can live quite high on the hog in coming-of-age locations like these for $1,500 to $2,000 monthly. Develop a few sources of passive income and you’re good to go. Now this is not to encourage America’s talented youth to make money young and bail out on your country, although if you want to move somewhere else, by all means go.

No, the point of this missive is to encourage youth to think ahead and don’t feel like your way of life is invincible. It can vanish in the blink of an eye. Here’s an idea. Do a little traveling off the beaten path, specifically to countries that won’t be sitting in the crosshairs of a superpower when all hell breaks loose. Maybe take a few vacations to a place like Costa Rica. Eventually you might want to buy a house there to spend summers. Heck, rent it out if you can’t get away to make it worthwhile, but the point is this, some day, if you have to run from America, you’ll have somewhere to go and that’s a great reason to make money young.

The Young Wealth Team

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