Make Money Without A Real Job

Make Money Without A Real Job

make moneySometimes a real job is simply too much hassle, what with the regular hours, personal hygiene requirements, and expected productivity. Well, kiddies, you were born under a lucky star because these days it’s pretty easy to score some walking around cash without becoming a drug dealer or pimp, and all the while successfully avoiding that real job. Consider the following.

We have it on good authority that a member of our staff, during his college days, used to sell his blood plasma (as opposed to someone else’s) twice weekly to support his Red Lobster habit. But the opportunities to make money as a human guinea pig go even further than that, especially if you happen to have a medical school nearby. Normally there are at least a few clinical trials ongoing. Some may only pay $20 for answering a few questions but others are in-patient tests that continue for weeks and pay thousands. Check out for a nationwide list.

Seen those god-awful but strangely appealing cars with the full-on paint job advertising a business? Well someone’s getting paid to drive that thing. Maybe $400 to $500 a month. Just think, It could be your sled. Free Car Media matches up driver’s who don’t mind their car getting a painted promo makeover with a company who will pay you just for driving around. As might be expected, this is a popular choice for many younger drivers, so be prepared to go on a waiting list. But then again, you never know – maybe your demographic and location is perfecto.

Bodily fluids aren’t the only thing you can sell to make money and eBay isn’t your only choice. Used CD’s and clothes can earn you a buck or two each when you take them to your local secondhand store. Hit the garage sales on the weekends and snag stuff you think you can re-sell. And eBay is always there if you want to get more serious about the whole thing.

Last but not least, don’t forget the trusty old bottle and can redemption centers. While you can make money without a real job using these methods, don’t expect to get rich, although you might make enough to take your best girl (or guy) to a movie on Friday night.

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