Exciting Career Choice: CPA?

Exciting Career Choice: CPA?

exciting careerThe most exciting career choice for young graduates is Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? Well, maybe it is and maybe it’s not but one thing is for certain; a CPA designation is a license to earn today and into the foreseeable future. CPA, that’s just a glorified accountant, right? What’s so exciting about that? To be honest, the actual work might not be the most spine-tingling around but the earning potential is excellent.

Accountants, particularly those who have earned the CPA license, can charge up to 15% more for their services than other plain Jane accountants. The reason is simple – it’s harder to become a CPA. The process includes education and examination, a high code of ethics, and experience. Plus there are some services CPA’s provide that are legally forbidden to the traditional accountant, such as the capability to actually audit a company’s books and sign off on the validity of the financial information contained therein.

And it is not in the CPA’s best interest to fudge anything they sign their name to. Each state has a board of accountancy that can review work and revoke a license at any time. Believe us, these boards do not trifle with those who skate on the verge of unprofessional, unethical conduct.

This becomes an exciting career when you consider what you could do with that extra 15% you’re earning above and beyond accountants. Why not skip the new car, daily stop at Starbucks and invest the extra pesos like you mean it. We’re talking about income property because, when it comes to investing, it always comes back to real estate if you want to earn serious returns.

The bottom line is this, if you have a talent and tolerance for crunching numbers, check out the CPA possibilities. Even if you think it’s a less-than-exciting career, it certainly could fill your pockets with a nice paycheck.

The Young Wealth Team