We recently discussed the large bite that dining out can take from your budget but it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, not even close. Take a look at the following budget busters and think about changing them too. 1. Smoking: Coffin nails cost the serious smoker about $1,600 yearly. Not to mention turning your lungs the consistency of the track at Daytona after a long day of racing. If you want to ever be taken seriously as a thinking human being, give up this habit. 2. Drop the pop: We talked about this one already. Daily liquid sugar overdoses are about as good for your immune system as smoking is for your lungs. Have you noticed how expensive pop drinks are at your favorite fast food franchise? 3. Lattes: This fancy caffeine injections costs about $4. Is this a good business decision for the young wealth builder? We say no. 4. Turn off electronics: Ignore the computer geeks. It saves noticeable money to switch off the gadgets before going to bed or when you’re gone. Opt for energy star models when you can. 5. Television: Do you really watch all those extra channels in the nose bleed subscription and, if so, should you? Go with the basic package or, better yet, none at all. Crack a book and find some real entertainment. Seriously, you won’t die if the television is off. That’s probably about all the budget busting a person can be expected to handle in one sitting but we’re not done yet. Come back tomorrow, if you dare, for five more habits that are killing your budget. The Young Wealth Team

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If you happen to be one of the umpteen million Americans who have constructed a nice, fat mountain of debt due to non-existent budgeting and a life devoted to impulse shopping, welcome to the club. You’re not alone. Resolving to get your finances under control is not simply a matter...

Exciting Career Choice: CPA?

exciting careerThe most exciting career choice for young graduates is Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? Well, maybe it is and maybe it's not but one thing is for certain; a CPA designation is a license to earn today and into the foreseeable future. CPA, that's just a glorified accountant, right? What's so exciting about that? To be honest, the actual work might not be the most spine-tingling around but the earning potential is excellent.

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Sometimes a real job is simply too much hassle, what with the regular hours, personal hygiene requirements, and expected productivity. Well, kiddies, you were born under a lucky star because these days it’s pretty easy to score some walking around cash without becoming a drug dealer or pimp, and all...

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Make Money Young For When America Dies

make money youngAt Young Wealth, we love America as much as anyone else but there's one small piece of historical data that disturbs us – our nation will fail. One truth in this life besides death and taxes is that no nation lasts forever. We tend to become shortsighted and full of ourselves and think that we'll be the first. Here's a newsflash. We won't. America will fail. Might be today, tomorrow, or in a hundred years. Maybe right as you're moving into the prime of your life!