Watch Advertisements – Build Wealth

Watch Advertisements – Build Wealth

build wealthBetcha never thought you could build wealth, fame, fortune simply by watching advertisements. Well, actually, you can’t, but it sounds good, hmm? The trouble with online advertising is that an entire industry has sprung up around blocking them or allowing the consumer to fast forward through them. DVRs and pop-up blockers are a few examples. As soon as advertisers figure out a new way to get products in front of consumer eyes, you can bet that a method to circumvent will soon follow.

Now a company named Varolo has stepped into the mix with a brave new approach that might just as quickly go down in flames. They don’t actually claim that watching their ads will help you build wealth but you can earn money by doing it.

Works like this.

Varolo has completely upended the advertising model by paying you money to watch them and pays you more the more people you bring into your ?friend? network who watch ads also. If you think all this sound suspiciously like a social network, you’d be right. It is. The catch is you don’t earn money until you get friends into your network. Watching on your own gets you entered into weekly prize drawings which increase in size as more people tune in.

The good part of the whole deal is the ads are tailored to topics you might be interested in. In the market for a car? You’ll see car ads. Ready to go on vacation? Travel ads. While Varolo’s concept may not usher in the end of traditional internet advertising, it is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that sometimes works ? sometimes.

Time will tell if cyber-surfers are ready to turn their YouTube viewing hours into a chance to build wealth, or collect pennies as the case may be.

The Young Wealth Team

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