Stock Picks for Movie Freaks

Stock Picks for Movie Freaks

stock picksWhile we don’t suggest sinking a sizable part of your portfolio into the stock market for reasons we’ve enumerated obsessively in past blogs, sometimes it might be fun to invest in companies with a link to the film industry. Remember, we’re not into stock picks, so a blind baboon might be better at this game. Keep your performance expectations low and this could be great dinner party conversation, especially when a stinker of a movie release effects your bottom line.

Sony Corp. (SNE)
Is there anything in the entertainment industry that Sony isn’t dabbling in? They’ve got electronics, video games, entertainment, and financial sectors covered. Products like PlayStation, high-definition televisions, computers, digital cameras, and much more. This market variety provides built in diversity and stock price protection for when Adam Sandler releases ?You Don’t Mess With The Zohan II.? Please, God, we’re just kidding. Don’t let the day ever come when he does that.

Carmike Cinemas (CKEC)
Or you could take a different approach with your stock picks and invest in a company that actually shows the movies. Carmike controls a total of 2,350 screens through a combination of ownership, partnership, and leasing. And here’s a weird little but not unexpected factoid. Recessions don’t normally effect movie attendance that much. When real life gets to be a drag, people don’t mind raiding the dog food fund to pay for an evening at the movies.

Regal Entertainment Group (RGC)
Or you might want to aim your stock picks at Regal, the largest theater owner with 6,385 screens. Even better, in these days of vanishing stock dividends, Regal pays a not too shabby 6.8 % to shareholders. Not too shabby! Wait, we already said that.

There you go movie aficionados. Don’t say we never gave you any completely unqualified stock picks. Enter positions at your own risk. However, if you decide you’d like to actually have a good chance of making profits with your investments, we have another idea ? income property!

The Young Wealth Team

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