Hyperactive Young Investor Puts His Faith In Ideas

Hyperactive Young Investor Puts His Faith In Ideas

young investorAre you familiar with the name Elon Musk? The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is and plans to give Musk their 2010 Navigator Award for propelling advancement in the fields of science or engineering. Let this be motivation to the young investor ? Musk hasn’t yet celebrated his 40th birthday. What has the guy done? Quite a bit. He founded a little company by the name of PayPal, the online payment service used by everyone and their grandmother.

Next up was his role as founder of the private space travel company, SpaceX, and the electric vehicle company, Tesla Motors. Mr. Musk also created his own charitable foundation, the Musk Foundation, that supports education and research in the fields of space exploration, pediatric care, and renewable power. So far, his life has been a testament to the power of thinking outside the box when it comes to generating a return on investment. This young investor saw the potential in finding profitable ideas in answer to problems he observed in the world around him.

A multi-millionaire by the age of 31, he wasn’t content to sit around on a beach the rest of his life, basking in the bliss of the next margarita. Nope, it’s always been onward and upward for this young investor and, perhaps more than any other attribute, shows us what is possible if you have enough energy and thirst for conquering the unknown.

Way to go, Elon. Excellent job. We’re excited to see what he’s going to get into next. Time travel? A non-aging pill? Whatever it turns out to be, we’re betting it will make a splash.

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