The Digital Future is Now for the Young Entrepreneur

The Digital Future is Now for the Young Entrepreneur

young entrepreneurAs a young entrepreneur, it’s likely you’re quite comfortable with the tools of the digital age but you might not realize exactly how much of an information revolution you’re in the midst of. The old way of print is dead. The internet killed it. Magazines, newspapers, and books are in the midst of being changed forever. But don’t feel sorry for them. They’re just changing format. Going digital. The ebook reader from Amazon (Kindle) and that gadget thingie from Apple (iPad) are the latest harbingers of change.

Think this digital information revolution might have a little bit of an effect on your future financial life as a young entrepreneur? You bet your sweet petunias it will, especially if you jump in and hold on with both hands. The old media has lost control. No longer does it require a journalism degree, years of working the trenches, and finally finding gainful employment with one of the Big Three (or Four) networks to get your voice disseminated to the masses.

Anyone with an opinion and internet connection can bleat their thoughts to the world. Blather and bloviating is no longer confined to a select few organizations who managed to set themselves up as the information gatekeepers. Equality and democracy in media has never been more evident than it is right now.

What does this have to do with the young entrepreneur? Everything! The worlds of investing, publishing, marketing, and business require new tools and new ways of thinking to succeed. But it’s for the better. Believe us, it is all for the better. Your assignment for today: put your brain to work dreaming up ways digital media can make you filthy rich.

The Young Wealth Team

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