Jason Hartman Looks to Share the American Dream

Jason Hartman Looks to Share the American Dream

Jason HartmanJason Hartman was fortunate in that he was exposed to the teachings of a number of motivational and financial gurus early in life, a lucky happenstance that allowed him to apply his own natural entrepreneurial gifts to achieve success in business quickly. Real estate became his specialty. As stated, he was one of the lucky ones. For too many young Americans, the concept of financial literacy as a subject taught in school is almost non-existent. Hard to believe, but this most critical life skill is approached by most schools as an afterthought.

This explains why so many recent graduates walk out the doors with a shiny new diploma but lacking even the basic money management skills necessary to create a personal budget or balance a checkbook. Consequently, it’s not much of surprise that saving is down and consumer debt is up.

Jason Hartman decided to create a non-profit foundation to help correct this woeful level of financial ignorance by not only developing a constantly growing website filled with financial literary educational blogs but also to help deserving entrepreneurs and others in a way that really helps ? with grants of money for appropriate projects. Jason’s ultimate goal is to help as many young citizens as possible learn how to build wealth and create their own version of the American Dream, whatever that might be. To do so requires particular tools and knowledge – the kind you won’t get in school.

Our country can truly be an economic miracle, even today. Jason Hartman firmly believes that. But nothing comes easy. It’s up to you to believe it can happen also, then to take advantage of the opportunities contained on this website.

Good luck!

The Young Wealth Team


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