Young and loaded

Young and loaded

young moneyWe’ve been hearing the economic and laid-off worker horror stories for a while now, and most of it is true, but what if you happen to be young money, one of those fortunate few twenty-somethings with a great job and nice income. You want to invest it somewhere besides that train wreck of a stock market.

The housing market has crashed and burned in many areas, or so says conventional wisdom. Well, the Young Wealth Team is here to tell you this is the very time you should be looking to invest in real estate. We’re not talking about randomly buying any old house in any old bottomed out market. Chances are you should stay away from those.

What you should be looking for is single family residential real estate that you can rent out. If you haven’t heard it before, let us be the first to tell you, there is no overall “housing market.” Like politics, all housing markets are local and there are plenty of them offering great investments for young money ready to invest right now.

Our sister company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, finds real estate deals every day and shares them at no cost via our free membership services. If you’re interested in learning how to uncover safe, profitable property deals on your own, listen to the latest episode of Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth Show to learn how we are finding properties right now in places like Indianapolis, projected to earn 23% annually. You’re not going to beat that burying your cash in mayonnaise jars in the back yard.

The Young Wealth Team

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