What exactly DO you deserve?

What exactly DO you deserve?

Young WealthAccording to a recent YoungMoney.com poll, 65% of respondents believe that all Americans deserve health care. 13% think we all should have health care but are queasy about the price of Obama’s overhaul plan. 52% are flat our in favor no matter what it costs. Think about that for a second, young adults. More than half of your fellow citizens (and obviously some of you also) believe that a giant leap toward socialism will cure all the system’s ills.

And now comes news that doctors are prepared to leave medicine altogether if Obama’s health plan is actually put into action.

The issue here is one that might make your noggin hurt a little bit. You might have to think, darn it. Here it is: What exactly does a human being deserve? The only thing our Declaration of Independence guarantees is the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By what chain of logic does a group of people come to the conclusion that health care is their right?

Just because you want it doesn’t mean you deserve it. The word deserve, in this instance, indicates there is some innate quality inside each and every one of us that causes us to claim ownership of the fruits of another person’s labor. Where we come from that’s called communism, socialism, or flat out thievery, none of which are tenets our country was based on.

And where does it stop? Do you also deserve a high-paying job, a new car in your garage, and a six-figure salary for doing nothing but picking your nose?

Just wondering where the 52% draw the line at what they deserve.

The Young Wealth Team

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