The stupidity of stimulus

The stupidity of stimulus

YoungWealth.comWhen it comes to increasing your money education, you’d be well advised to pay no attention to the clowns in Washington D.C., unless, of course, you learn by watching what not to do. The recent Obama stimulus package was so large it almost required the invention of a new number system. To be fair, it was around $787 billion, and what do we have to show for this amazing feat of presidential prowess?

Here are few of the more choice tidbits:

1.$100,000 for socially conscious puppet shows in Minnesota

2.$2 million for a replica railroad tourist attraction in Nevada

3.$700,000 to Oregon fishermen to recover lost crab pots

We’re stopping at this point, not because there are no more glaring examples of wayward stimulus spending but because we’re about to lose our lunch at the lengthy list of political stupidity. But we can’t go without revealing a special little boondoggle to the tune of $3.4 million. Have you heard about the poor little sea turtles down in Florida that get crunched on the road by passing automobile tires every season when they go the wrong way and miss the ocean? Lake Jackson, Florida, is spending the $3.4 million to build an underground turtle crossing.

Didn’t they already try something like this down in the Florida Keys to keep the key deer from getting run over? And the silly things couldn’t figure out how to use it and are STILL getting splattered. Sorry, unless they’re writing the directional signs in “Turtlese” the critters will only be using the new tunnel by accident.

Lesson for today. Do not build your personal financial plan using government logic.

The Young Wealth Team

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