You don’t have to be rich to buy a franchise

You don’t have to be rich to buy a franchise

build wealthThere’s a reason people look to franchises when thoughts of entrepreneurship enter their head. Owning a franchise removes much of the guesswork from starting a business. The company provides you with a blueprint to success. They’ve already done the hard work of testing and tweaking to see what works. The problem is that buying into most franchises can require big time money.

Take McDonald’s for instance. This ubiquitous burger chain won’t even talk to you unless you have $250,000 cash on hand. As in cash – borrowed collateral doesn’t count. So do you have to already have money to build wealth?

Not quite.

There are plenty of tried and true franchises, many of them geared toward providing services, that allow you to buy in with $9,000 or less. Here are a few:

1.Bonus Building Care – this commercial cleaning company has been franchising since 1996 and now has over 2,400 franchises. For as little as $9,000 you can work out of your home and even have the option to purchase an exclusive territory.

2.Breath Testers USA – this brilliant little idea franchises machines for you to place in bars, restaurants, anywhere people might have a drink. For a small fee, they can blow in it and find out their blood alcohol content before driving. Great idea? We think so. This buy-in opportunity also costs about $9,000.

3.Global M.A.R.S – this is a great franchise if you’re interested in making cars look good and really don’t have much money to spend. Offer customers a quick, economical way to remove scratches, dings, burns, or any other discoloration on paint, plastic, leather, vinyl, velour, metal, carpet, or glass on their car while they wait. Buy in for $500, a price that includes comprehensive support and full training.

There are literally dozens of other low cost franchise opportunities. We suggest you use your good friend Google to find them.

The Young Wealth Team

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