What does a credit repair scam look like?

What does a credit repair scam look like?

build wealthIt’s hard to build wealth when your credit is screwed up beyond belief. If you find yourself tormented by debtors, welcome to the club. It’s become a way of life for many young adults. How does it happen? Buy a car, take a vacation, put a killer stereo in your car – put it on plastic. These are a few ways to find yourself dodging dinnertime phone calls from angry collection agents. You might be able to put up with it for a while but they’ll wear you down eventually because they…will…never…stop.

Until you finally cry “Uncle!” and begin looking at your credit repair options.

If there’s one thing you can count on in America, it’s that scammers find desperate people like Tiger Woods finds women who aren’t his wife. Don’t let your overwhelming desire to make your credit problems disappear in a POOF of smoke affect your good judgment. The following are warning signs that you’re about to be snookered:

1.The credit repair company wants you to pay money before they do anything. This is against the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

2.The company “forgets” to tell you your rights and what you can do yourself for free.

3.The company recommends you not contact the Big Three national credit reporting companies directly.

4.The company tells you they can get rid of most (or all) negative credit information, even if it’s accurate and current.

5.The company suggests you create a new identity by using an Employee Identification Number rather than your Social Security Number.

At Young Wealth, we’d much rather see you visit the Federal Trade Commission website here to learn legitimate ways to repair your credit.

The Young Wealth Team

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